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FSA Appoints Thom Jessup as Vice President of the Association

EGC's Thom Jessup

Contributor: Fluid Sealing Association®

The Fluid Sealing Association® is pleased to announce the appointment of Thom Jessup as Vice President of the Association. Mr. Jessup is the National Sales Manager for Fluid Sealing Products at EGC Enterprises Inc.

With a background in Mechanical Engineering, Thom’s twenty plus years of experience have provided him with strong project management and business analysis skills. He has been the top salesperson for EGC five years in a row.

Thom began his career at EGC working in production. From therehe moved on to a machinist, an engineering technician, a manufacturing design engineer and the Research and Development Engineering Manager. Ultimately, he was elevated to the role of salesman with responsibility for qualifying new sales leads, coordinating various internal departments and taking part in the marketing of fluid sealing products.

“I’ve always been fixated on developing a solution for every problem, to create something better or make it easier to install,” says Thom. “And being an EGC salesman affords me an opportunity to be in the field and locate the obstacles. I think it’s amazing to watch a solution cascade throughout the industry when the problem is finally solved.”

“Taking a phone call when a customer needs help is so important,” says Thom. “It’s also critical to get out in the field and work with the guys in a hands-on way, to understand the obstacles that they have to overcome. Working side-by-side really lets you view their issue from a unique perspective, one that only they and other industry partners know. You gain a mutual respect for the individual.”

“When you’re talking to a customer you have to have a high degree of product knowledge,” continued Thom. “You’ve got to be confident and know that your product may not be the right fit for their application. You’ve got to let them know what will work and I think this creates a different type of bond that goes way beyond that of a sales guy. I’m not just here to try to sell them an EGC product. I’m here to help them do their jobs better.”

Thom has won the EGC Lifetime Achievement Award and, in December of 2018, he garnered the Valve Manufacturer Association (VMA) Service Award. He is part of the VMA’s Technical Committee, is active in multiple API Taskforces and mss committees.

Mr. Jessup is Chair of the FSA’s Membership Committee as well as an active member of the Compression Packing Technical Committee and the Gasket Technical Committee.

He an avid camper and hiker and has a keen interest in technology. Thom is married, has five children and lives in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Founded in 1933, the FLUID SEALING ASSOCIATION® (FSA) is an international trade association. Member companies are involved in the production and marketing of a wide range of fluid sealing and containment devices primarily targeted to the industrial market. FSA membership includes companies in Europe and Central and South America, but is most heavily concentrated in North America. FSA members account for a majority of the manufacturing capacity for fluid sealing devices in the Americas market. Follow us at www.fluidsealing.com | @fluidsealing


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