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CDI Energy Products Unveils New Brand Identity Reflecting Company’s Diversification

CDI Energy Products Unveils New Brand Identity Reflecting Company's Diversification

CDI Energy Products Unveils New Brand Identity Reflecting Company’s Diversification

CDI Energy Products, LLC, a global leader in high-performance polymer product manufacturing, announced its new brand identity as CDI Products, reflecting its diversified market strategy. CDI has been a trusted partner within the oil and gas and broader energy sector for decades. In recent years, CDI has expanded its product offerings through internal research and development, collaborative custom engineering projects, strategic acquisitions, and organic growth. With this brand evolution, CDI will continue to support the energy sector and global energy transition while supporting customers across CDI’s expanded market portfolio, including the aerospace, semiconductor, general industrial, medical markets, and beyond. This new brand identity represents CDI’s commitment to innovation, and its increased global reach, operational expertise, and diverse array of services.

“While our business has transformed significantly over the past few years, evolving beyond oil and gas, it became evident that industry perceptions of the company have not transitioned at the same pace. After lengthy internal evaluation, we determined that changing our name was the best way to represent our high standards of quality and product integrity while also ushering in a new chapter in the CDI story,” says Clint Metcalf, CDI President.

Despite the rebranding, CDI’s customer-centric custom manufacturing will maintain the level of integrity and excellence its customers have come to expect over its almost 50-year history. With extensive in-house capabilities, CDI can custom-develop high-performance polymer solutions that meet exacting requirements, even under the most demanding conditions and in the toughest environments. CDI’s expert global team will continue tackling the industry challenges, from developing innovative material formulations to designing, testing, and manufacturing components to specifications.

“It’s a new name, but the same company I have proudly served for over 40 years. CDI Products will deliver the same standard of excellence in manufacturing, engineering, and material design our customers trust today. We will simply do so as a new, unified global brand,” says Edwin Chavez, Director of Manufacturing.

CDI Products will roll out this new brand across its global facilities, starting in Houston, Texas, then within its Singapore and Saudi Locations. Despite the external brand transition, the manufacturing facilities will maintain their legal entities and all operational activity without change. Further, CDI Products will maintain all the certifications, specifications, patents, trademarks, and protections from its legal entity. Included in that listing include brands such as Armorlene®, Arylast™, Arylex®, dures®, CDI Products®, CDI Energy Products®, Fibrex®, Hythane®, Paradyne®, Permeon®, OptiSeal®, OptiPak®, SandDog®, Tuff Breed®, and WSP Extreme® which are registered trademarks of J.H. Fenner & Co. Limited or other members of Fenner Group Holdings Limited, the divisional parent company of CDI Products, LLC or its corporate parents (including Compagnie Générale des Etablissements Michelin SCA).

For more information on the new CDI Products, please visit or contact us to learn more.

About CDI Products

CDI Products is a Michelin Group Company with locations serving North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia-Pacific. We are a global leader in high-performance polymer products for the energy industry and beyond. Our in-house engineering, material development, and manufacturing capabilities offer us full vertical integration from raw materials to finished products. Our products are engineered by a highly trained staff of engineers working side by side with our Material Science team. Our engineered materials are developed and tested on-site. We service oil and gas, liquid natural gas (LNG), cryogenics, wind and renewable energy, water management, fluid handling, automotive, aerospace and defense, medical and biomedical, refining and petrochemical, industrial processing, power generation, and semiconductor markets. For more information about CDI Products, visit

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