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What Does a Day Without Water Look Like to You?


Author: Charli K. Matthews

I don’t have to #ImagineaDaywithoutWater, because I already know people around the world and people here at home are currently struggling for access to clean water. My heart goes out to all the American citizens in Puerto Rico who are still dealing with the effects of the hurricane, who are still hunting each day for clean water to drink. To the people of Texas, who are still sorting out possible contamination of some areas of their drinking supply…to the people of Flint, Michigan, who after 3 years, are still enduring their water crisis. My heart breaks for all of you who don’t have to imagine this ‘day without water’, because you are living it.

There are so many organizations that try to help these communities, at home and abroad, but until we really #ValueWater, how can we understand these families suffering and offer real help?
As I wake up today, I am so grateful for all that I have. I look down at my coffee cup, and I see water that has been treated at my local municipality, and I know they – like others around the country – most likely have less than efficient systems. So I think… is this truly clean water? I know that every time it rains, our local drinking water is threatened with contamination from the potential of overflowing lift stations.  This is due to lack of funding for the projects and infrastructure needed to implement the efficient systems that needs to be installed and maintained. This is a huge risk for public health, and our country’s aging infrastructure is amplifying the need for major investment.
So, I ask… how do we get more investment for these projects!  And then, if we placed more value on water and water systems at home, would we then place more value on making sure every human had access to it?


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