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Danfoss revamps medium and large programmable controls, introduces variable speed VZH compressor management

Danfoss MCX15B2 and MCX20B2 controllers

Contributor: Danfoss

Danfoss has upgraded its MCX15B and MCX20B controllers with the introduction of the MCX15B2 and MCX20B2 controllers. Both models combine best-in-class connectivity, security, and performance with improved compressor control logic for VZH inverter scroll compressors, establishing Danfoss as a top provider for programmable controls and HVAC solutions. 

Danfoss’ MCX15B2 and MCX20B2 controllers provide several key benefits that mitigate the industry’s most common challenges when designing connected HVAC systems and smart buildings. These new controllers deliver embedded connectivity, stronger web security, and enhanced performance. 

To advance WEB server and TCP protocol connectivity, the MCX15B2 and MCX20B2 controllers are ethernet-enabled with web server features and Modbus/TCP protocol, CAN bus as a fieldbus towards other controllers, remote user interfaces, up to two Modbus RS485 opto-isolated serial interface, and USB access for easy software uploading and datalogging. 

The MCX15B2 and MCX20B2’s basic architecture and increased safety monitoring ensure a solid security base. Secure protocols, cipher suites, protected keys and certificates, strict user and access authorization, strong safeguarding policies, and frequent safety updates allow you to track and respond to security threats quickly and easily. 

With the increased capacity and speeds available for customer software applications, managing additional languages, datalogging, and the creation of webpages, the MCX15B2 and MCX20B2’s enhanced performance shines above both its predecessors and the next best alternatives currently on the market. 

The MCX15B2 and MCX20B2 controllers deliver the industry’s best-in-class compressor management for Danfoss VZH scroll compressors. They perform time- and level-based functions for both envelope and discharge gas temperature control and single oil management, such as generating alarms and increased speed and maintenance when necessary. 

With its connectivity, security, and performance enhancements, the MCX15B2 and MCX20B2 programmable controllers deliver improved energy efficiency, comfort, flexibility, and faster assembly times for HVAC systems and smart buildings. 

Danfoss accepting entries for its 11th annual EnVisioneer of the Year award competition


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