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12 Places You Didn’t Realize Water Booster Pumps are Operating

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Did you know that 1 pound of pressure can boost water 2.31 feet in the air? Wherever you need water, you need pressure, which is why booster systems are necessary for water supply all over the world! Let’s look at places where booster pumping systems are most commonly found. 

In Domestic Water Booster Systems, every single commercial or multi-storied residential building has different requirements for pounds of force per square inch (PSI). Based on the various needs of each unique building, water booster pumps can be engineered and manufactured for specific pressure and flow rate requirements in addition to lead-free and NSF-61 standards. Commercial high rises typically require higher pressure and increased power (pumps with higher RPMs) to ensure all floors receive adequate pressure. 

Maintaining pressure in hotels and resorts is critical for business when it comes to keeping guests happy. When hotels and resorts evaluate domestic water booster systems, they often have to consider noise levels and space limitations when choosing their pumps (which is why Delta P Carver offers the QuietPak). Other commercial facilities, like universities and hospitals, need consistent clean water on hand for health, sanitation, and fire safety.  

Municipal water booster systems work differently and employ multiple pumping stations to boost water pressure over long distances and supply water for thousands, and in some cases, millions of people. There are many complex calculations that go into designing water booster systems for municipalities, and also for sports stadiums in major cities. Sports stadiums often require custom-engineered water booster systems due to high flow requirements. 

Many people do not realize that water booster systems are even used for rain water harvesting and irrigation. Rain water harvesting is a cost-effective solution for the collection and reuse of water for landscaping, gardening and irrigation. Collect water in a tank, cistern or pond, and then let a booster pump send the water where it needs to go! With variable flow and pressure, water booster systems empower pump owners to be environmentally friendly.

With the fast-growing American retirement-aged population, there is an ongoing need for new senior living centers all over the country. Many assisted living facilities employ booster pumps for back-up water pressure and supply systems. Water booster pumps are also used for condensate and cooling tower systems in industrial and commercial applications where low flow and high pressure are required in HVAC cooling and heating systems. When condensation forms on surfaces within the cooling system, sometimes the condensate can be drained away by gravity, and in other cases, the drops are collected and returned through the system. Close-coupled and vertical multi-stage stainless steel booster pumps from Delta P Carver are designed for these applications. 

Carver PumpLastly, glycol booster systems provide a pressurized solution for closed-loop heating, chilled water, process systems, snowmelt and radiant heat. In lower temperatures for systems pumping glycol below 32 degrees, these systems maintain constant flow and add PSI boost safely to the system application.

If you have any questions about water booster systems, contact Delta P Carver or post your question in the comments section below!

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Since our company’s inception in 2001, we’ve been on the leading edge of technology and innovation for commercial HVAC packaged water pump systems. We’ve led the industry in the use of PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) and VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) controls in booster pump systems. These innovations have allowed our customers to benefit from highly efficient and extremely reliable designs. Delta P is owned by Carver Pump Company, a name synonymous with engineering excellence and high-quality products. Delta P offers the commercial plumbing and HVAC industry a broad range of high-quality booster pump packages. These packages include custom-engineered systems for drinking water, RWH irrigation, and HVAC cooling towers. We produce replacement boosters and control panels to provide existing systems with modern technology meeting ASHRAE 90:1 industry standards. Count on us for solid, straightforward, proven designs that provide many years of reliable service. Contact us at www.deltapcarver.com for your design, system sizing and support on your next domestic water project.

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