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Best Practices in Social Media

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pumptalk best practices

Best Practices in Social Media

I am preparing for a presentation at the Texas A&M Pump Symposia on October 1st and the topic is “Best Practices of Social Media in the Pump Industry.”  Since Empowering Pumps isn’t exactly leading this industry in Social Media use, I find it a bit uncomfortable defining “best practices.” I just plan to explain to you how I am using social media and what seems to work.

When I post, my intent is to start a conversation.  I often post questions (either ones that are sent to me or that I create) in the hope that it will start a dialog that may help someone in the industry.  I also try to interact with my customers and partners as much as possible.  This keeps me up to date on their products and services and it is amazing the things you can learn when you take time to listen.  Social Media is a great tool for listening!

But don’t just listen, RESPOND!  

For example: If I mention you or your company, it’s only common courtesy to give some type of response.  A “like” or a “favorite” is a fine way to show a response.  (If you don’t know what I mean, you should call me immediately!)  Sometimes we don’t have time to respond with a thoughtfulresponse; but we should still acknowledge the fact that someone took the time to give to communicate with or about you. If someone asked you “Hey, how are you?” – you wouldn’t just stand there staring into space, would you? No, you would respond with something.

There is a lot of uncertainty about Social Media in the industrial sector, especially with those of us in marketing. We marketing types tend to think everything we say should be clever, insightful, or …perfect!  Of course we should be careful and make sure what we post on our social media pages doesn’t run contrary to the image we want to present, for ourselves or our companies; but don’t get so wrapped up in the best photo or perfect text that you waste valuable time connecting.

And find ways to PLUG IN to important events and communities!

Next week, don’t miss tweeting at #PumpTurbo13 because you don’t have it “just right” yet.  You will miss a great opportunity. The marketing team at the Symposia has really done a great job over the summer months building a platform for Pump Users to connect at the show.  I have watched their social network grow since infancy and it has been exciting to see all they have accomplished.

Over the last two years,  I have watched many companies in our industry embrace Social Media.  If you talk to any of them, they will tell you it hashelped their company connect internally and externally with people who are helping their business improve in different ways. This gives me great pride and I hope to continue to help educate our industry on these tools!

One of our main goals at is to be a resource for helping companies in our industry understand how Social Media can help a company grow. I have always written “I will be your marketing partner” on my proposals.  Today I am able to customize plans and programs that fit our customers’ needs, so now when I say “marketing partner” it means something quite different.

I built a business with Social Media as one of its core elements,  and I want to help you build your business with what I have learned.

I hope to see you at the show for my Social Media Presentation! If you can’t make it, please email me at with any questions. I’d be happy to share what I can about Social Media and help you make the leap!

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4 responses to “Best Practices in Social Media”

  1. Paul says:

    Great article. Thanks for sharing some of your insights. Wish I could attend your presentation, I’m sure it will be extremely enlightening.

  2. Thank you for the nice comments!

  3. shreyas says:

    hi. Hopefully you had a nice presentation at TAMU. Your article was helpful for me to understand pump operation to right of BEP thanks.

  4. Thank Shreyas! Yes, I had a wonderful time at the symposia! Already looking forward to next year!

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