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Behind the Scenes in the Pump Industry – Blacoh University

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Behind the Scenes in the Pump Industry

Behind the Scenes in the Pump Industry – Blacoh University

Everywhere I go I see connections. Everyone you meet has the ability to touch your life in some way. Just today I ran into a partner from Wisconsin that just happened to be in a Tuscaloosa shopping mall parking lot at the same time as me. It was so random it shocked me!

Today, I want to talk with you about the connections we can control. Do you understand the true importance of your relationships in the business network? I always speak about my passion for building relationships and how important it is in the marketing and advertising space. It runs true in so many other industries, and it is especially important in the pump industry!

This idea was just solidified by the video I watched from Blacoh University earlier today where Markus Hillman interviews an amazing panel of pump professionals at Las Virgenes Municipal Water District. The panel included Larry J. Miller, Water Systems/Facilities Manager at Las Virgenes; Ryan Gallagher, PE, Department Manager at AECOM Engineering; Jamie Jones, Project Manager at SPIESS Construction Company; and Tim Berschauer, Field Sales Rep at Charles P. Crowley Co. If you haven’t seen this video, it is worth the time. Click on the image below to view the video:

Behind the Scenes in the Pump Industry

In this video, Blacoh University took on the challenge of capturing part of a detailed process, which is based on complex relationships and processes that require technical experience and hands-on support. Looking to answer some important questions and help provide expert knowledge to our partners, we gathered the experts and facilitated a detailed roundtable discussion. Who specifies a product requirement these days – the end user or the engineering firm?  How do municipalities purchase products? What is the role of a distributor? What are the things we as a manufacturer need to be doing to support the customer, distributor, engineer, et. al.?

Andrew Yeghnazar, President of Blacoh Fluid Control, elaborated on the mission of Blacoh University, “ We, in the Industrial world, now work with pump companies that are being bought up left and right. Naturally, as part of the acquisition and integration process, these companies undergo major transitions. As a result, we have observed the focus and experience that once would have been there is not necessarily ‘a given’ any longer. This is particularly true as new ownership goals, go-forward objectives, and talent inevitably change.”

Yeghnazar adds, “Many pump distributors we work with on a daily basis have been in business for 30 or 40 years. Long-time owners are retiring or selling their businesses. Many experienced pump salesmen who have been around for 15 to 30 years are also retiring or simply moving on. So, we all see an influx of new and fresh talent who need training. Yet we can’t always count on the manufacturers to provide that training because of the shift I mentioned before. Part of the purpose and objectives of Blacoh University are to move beyond being purely a product-focused business and expanding into areas where we can also share valuable and, clearly, much needed knowledge and information.”

I was very impressed by this video and the way Blacoh University is helping to inform and connect people in the pump industry. With a parallel mission, I am proud to be able to share this video and other valuable information through Empowering Pumps, which functions to connect, inform and educate pump professionals. As we delve behind the scenes in the pump industry, I’m curious to learn about other tools and resources that exist to empower those people making progress in the pumping world. What are your thoughts?

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