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AWWA launches operator training on-demand video streaming channel

AWWA operator training on-demand video

Contributor: American Water Works Association

The American Water Works Association (AWWA) today announced the launch of its “Water System Operations” (WSO) on-demand video streaming channel.

The WSO channel offers professional operators access to more than 60 full-length high-quality educational videos on-demand, representing more than 20 hours of training. Users can customize the videos into playlists to suit their facilities’ needs. Topics include disinfection, coagulation, filtration, pumps, water loss control, maintaining distribution and storage systems. New videos will be added regularly.

“Now users of AWWA video streaming can access up-to-date training on topics as diverse as jar testing, emergency management and pipeline repair — everything you need to know to understand how utilities treat and deliver safe, clean drinking water,” said Tony Petrites, AWWA’s product manager.

Customers can purchase a subscription to video streaming at awwa.org/streaming.

AWWA video streaming also offers a channel on utility-specific safety training called “Safety First“. Additional channels will be added to AWWA’s streaming service in the future.

AWWA offering new resources for aspiring and existing operators


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