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SC Universal Joint Driveshafts for Fire Protection Pumping Systems

Pumping fire at the facility, the oil base.

SC Universal Joint Driveshafts 

A leading global manufacturer of integrated pump solutions needed a reliable coupling for use on its fire protection packaged pumping systems installed in large commercial buildings. The couplings connect large capacity pumps to diesel drive engines. The challenges associated with this application were that the space envelope between the pump and engine was very small and the pump and engine were positioned at different elevations creating misalignment issues. These conditions eliminated a traditional shaft-to-shaft, gear-type coupling from consideration.

The OEM contacted Ameridrives for help based on its reputation as an industry leader in coupling technologies. After a detailed review of the specifications with the customer, Ameridrives engineers recommended SC universal joint driveshafts to meet the application requirements.

Ameridrives Americardan® SC (short coupled) driveshafts are available in lengths ranging from 9.5 in. to 22.25 in. and can accommodate diesel engine ratings from 38 HP to 800 HP. These robust, compact driveshafts are designed specifically for short distance coupling applications with significant misalignment and high start-up torques. The driveshafts were shipped with stock bore companion flanges. Short lead times allowed Ameridrives to meet the customer’s delivery requirements.


• Economical short coupled solution

• Heavy-duty cross kits with needle rollers and multiple lip seals for long life

• Sealed nylon-coated splined telescopic sections

• High-strength alloy components

• Large diameter tubing ensures lateral stability at high speed

• Industry standard flange connections

• Dynamically balanced


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