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Braking Solutions for the Forklift and Electric Vehicle Market

Pumps & Operations

Braking Solutions for the Forklift and Electric Vehicle Market

On March 27, 2023, Altra Industrial Motion was acquired by Regal Rexnord Corp. Learn more about this here.

Warner Electric is the world leader in the design and manufacture of hydraulic, pneumatic and electromagnetic brakes and clutches for Forklift & Electric Vehicle Market. Combined, they offer a full range of traction motor and load wheel brakes and specialize in customized solutions to meet specific performance and installation requirements. Altra’s braking solutions are designed with the industry’s toughest challenges in mind, utilizing proprietary technology to analyze magnetic properties of the brake, brake interfaces and surroundings.


  • Electric Counter Balance
  • Ride On Pallet Truck
  • High Level Order Picker
  • Stacker & Pallet Trucks
  • Reach Truck
  • Very Narrow Aisle

Product Series

New Brake Materials Are Now Available

Advanced Non-Stick Friction Material

For cold room and outdoor environments: Altra engineers have developed a proprietary friction material specifically designed for cold room and outdoor environments with high moisture levels and wide temperature differentials.

Most standard friction materials tend to get sticky and loose their effectiveness in these cold, harsh conditions.

Altra’s new friction material has proven to retain stable torque in between static parking and high energy service and emergency stopping during rigorous climate chamber and endurance testing, as well as extensive field testing.

The new material is available on all PK Series motor brakes.

High-Speed High Energy Friction Material

High Speed High Energy Friction Material

For high-capacity braking requirements: The new W134 friction material has been designed to equip the CBTB series. This non-stick material can also be fitted on other brake series in certain conditions. Previously, the standard material was able to handle 57kJ at 900rpm, however, the new W134 is able to handle up to 190kJ at 1300rpm.

More technical data, please see the below link to the brochure:
Braking Solutions for the Forklift Truck & Electric Vehicle Market (P-7637-C)

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