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Buildings Professionals Turn To Manufacturers And Associations Most Often For Preoduct Sustainability/Environmental Information According To Latest Aim Research


Contributor: Accountability Information Management, Inc. (AIM)

Accountability Information Management, Inc. (AIM), a leading B2B research company, recently published a new market research “Snapshots” on the most-used sources building professionals utilize to get information on a product’s sustainability, impact on the environment and health issues. The research revealed building professionals turn to manufacturers and professional associations most often for such information, including over their own peer reviews and social media.

For this study, AIM surveyed architects, interior designers and facilities. The survey was conducted on-line in October 2019. Overall response was 170 completed surveys. The research also indicates building professionals use more than one source for a product’s sustainability, impact on the environment or health issues information. Other sources besides the manufacturer include to a lesser degree, third party organizations, peer review, social media and government agencies. The full Snapshots report can be downloaded free of charge at https://www.a-i-m.com/snapshots/what-sources-do-you-use-to-keep-informed-on-a-products-sustainability-impact-on-the-environment-or-health-issues/.

This Snapshot is part of an ongoing AIM research library, which can be found at www.a-i-m.com/snapshots along with a variety of other in depth research reports on the construction marketplace.

The new Snapshots section is intended to provide key market information for building construction professionals and manufacturers in a format that is concise and easy to understand and absorb. Each Snapshot provides a brief 2-page written summary and graphic presentation suitable for posting of one key research finding from AIM’s current studies. Snapshots provide an overview of current market trends, audience behavior, customer insight and more. These easy-to-understand resources focus on a variety of topics that are of interest to manufacturers and marketers, including the specification process, the growing importance of “basis of design,” the role of architects, contractors and designers in new product selection and much more.

To read AIM’s new Snapshots, please go to: www.a-i-m.com/snapshots. For more information and to answer questions on how the findings apply to your company or other research possibilities contact: Patty Fleider, lead researcher at 847-358-8558 or patty@a-i-m.com.

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