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Why Waste Money? Wastewater & Water Facilities can Save Maintenance Dollars and Reduce Energy Expenses by Employing Modern Technology

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Contributor: ABB Drives

Successful operation of a water or wastewater treatment plant can be highly dependent on the motors, drives, and automation systems used plant-wide. Motors consume large amounts of energy and are an obvious target for improvement, as energy consumption often accounts for up to 50% of total operating costs for municipalities. Reducing energy usage is equally important to improving uptime and reliability, which have an impact on a facility’s ability to meet environmental and regulatory requirements.

When it comes to saving money, implementing variable frequency drives (VFDs) into pumping, aeration, and other wastewater applications can significantly reduce energy consumption, increase reliability, and improve uptime.

Not sure how much energy your facility is using? Get easily-accessible data about your facility’s energy consumption and reliability using ACQ580 drives from ABB.

Invest in Equipment that Saves Money over ‘The Long Run’

Why should you pay attention to more than just “first cost”? When considering any investment, it is important to note that the initial purchase price for equipment is often just the tip of the iceberg. The real impact on Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) comes from operating expenses as well as downtime costs incurred when the water or wastewater treatment facility is not running due to breakdowns or other unplanned interruptions.

So what are some efficient water solutions available to water and wastewater facilities that can help reduce energy costs and improve uptime?

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