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A Day in the Life of a Valve Peddler

Day in the life

Contributor: Chance Russo

As coffee brewer / sales manager / outside sales / inside sales / Valve World Steering Committee Member / grandfather, my day is split between many roles all of which I am very passionate about.  This is not a chronological day as I will just highlight what I do in a typical day which was yesterday actually. It all begins with coffee.  

Coffee Lover

For me it’s all about the Colombian beans and I have an exact formula for the coffee grounds to water ratio and I buy my coffee in Colombia and bring it into the U.S.  This is serious business. I take no cream or milk and I add no sugar. I love my coffee. I love wine too but that is for another time when we write A Night in the Life….

Sales and Projects Manager

It seems almost everyday begins and ends with me reviewing project requirements/specifications/data sheets that need to be devoured, questioned, commented, and quoted by yesterday for valves they need tomorrow and won’t decide for another six months.  Does that sound familiar to anyone?? Well as the sales and projects manager I look at every project spec and this is not a 9-5 job. Sometimes these are reviewed at night with a glass of wine. Have I mentioned I love wine?

Outside Sales

As any sales manager knows you must knock on doors and get out on the street.  With so much activity going on I am in the office most days lately and on this day, I am working with our Marketing Magician (he really is a wizard) @Josh Cavarretta.  We are working on our plans to begin weekly live recorded valve training and educational videos. We are also going to use video technology and perform weekly “sales visits” to customers across the globe by streaming directly to them on their computers without having to leave the office.  I think this is the future of outside sales. The donut industry will definitely take a hit.

Inside Sales

I truly believe that the inside sales department is the most important part of any industry and I do a lot of the project quotes myself.  Today I am tweaking my Excel quote format that I am working on as I am looking to make the best and most thorough quote package as possible.  I think that quoting is an art form and not something to be taken lightly. Quoting is also not a 9-5 job. Many of my excel spreadsheets are also stained with red wine.

Valve World

Something very exciting is happening with @Valve World Americas and today I had a conference call with @Andre Davanzo and @Catarina Muia.  We discussed a soon to be announced exciting project that is coming soon in 2020. Did I mention it was exciting? C’mon Valves + World = Excitement.

Day in the lifeFamily

At the end of the day, even though I work from home after 5 many nights of the week, I always find time to spend with my family which is my greatest passion of all.  Did I mention I am a grandfather?

Chance Russo

Valve Peddler


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