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5 Ways to Celebrate Engineers Week 2019


Engineers Week, started by DiscoverE who works to unite, mobilize, and support the engineering and technology volunteer communities, is February 17th through the 23rd. It’s a time to recognize individuals who create today’s awe-inspiring wonders through the field of engineering. Everyone can participate, whether you make it as simple as hosting a coffee for a few colleagues or as complex as organizing a company-wide competition. The main ingredient is bringing people together to celebrate and have fun!

1. Post a photo. Take a selfie with an engineer, share info about engineering projects you worked on or admire, or find something simple to celebrate! Tag @DiscoverEorg and use the hashtag #Eweek2019!

2. Post a message (a quote, a story or thought for the day, your favorite feat of engineering). Engineering plays an important role in solving global challenges, so share the value of engineers to your organization, or even how your company engages with students to fill the engineering pipeline.

3. Organize an Engineers Week meal. Plan a breakfast, lunch, or dinner, then take pictures and post them on social media (don’t forget to tag DiscoverE and use the official hashtag so you can see everyone participating around the globe!).

4. Nominate someone for an award. Nominate an engineer who is doing great work! Empowering Women in Industry has an award for Engineer of the Year, so submit your nomination now through May 30th at bit.ly/EWiiNominateEngineeroftheYear!

5. Get your Engineers Week swag! Whether it’s a poster, t-shirt, books, DVDs, or the entire Eweek kit, you can order it here: bit.ly/shopDiscoverE!

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