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Top Ten Articles of 2016

Top Ten Articles of 2016

It’s the end of the year already?!! With the holidays upon us, it’s a time to enjoy our favorite things, including these article favorites! The articles below were the most popular among Empowering Pumps’ readers and newsletter subscribers. We hope you enjoy our TOP TEN articles of 2016 and invite you to use the comments section to request pump topics you’d like to see covered in 2017.

1. What do falling oil prices mean for pump and compressor suppliers?

According to two recent reports by IHS on the world markets for centrifugal pumps and industrial air & gas compressors, spending on this equipment is expected to decline even further in 2017.

2. Pump Person of the Week

With so many talented and interesting people working in the Pump Industry, Empowering Pumps tries to shine a light on various individuals working with pump systems around the world. Follow us on Instagram to keep up with featured Pump People of the Week OR email us to nominate someone you know!

3. Five Ways to Tell if Your Pump is Running Inefficiently

Centrifugal pump inefficiency can be caused by a few different things; so how can you tell if your centrifugal pump is running inefficiently? Ask yourself these 5 questions to learn if your pump is costing you more money than it should.

4. Four Common Failures of Pump Sales Reps

Being a pump sales rep is not an easy job. Pump sales reps rarely receive technical training and tend to repeat a few predictable failures. There are 4 important keys to becoming a pump sales rep that brings value to every transaction.

5. Bearing Isolator Specifications

Bearing failure is one of the leading causes of pump downtime. If the bearings fail on a process centrifugal pump, production is interrupted, the equipment is shut down, time and money are spent replacing the bearings. Learn how to protect the bearings on your process equipment. This article covers general specs to consider when choosing a device for bearing protection on rotating equipment.

6. Packing Sealing Solutions for Fugitive Emissions

Reduction of fugitive emissions is a critical concern for chemical plant and refinery operators to comply with environmental regulations. By understanding the particular demands of the industry in which a valve will be used, a technical sealing expert can identify where any future weaknesses in the seal might materialize over time.

7. Maximize Uptime with Asset Condition Management

Some maintenance professionals are so busy trying to keep their operation running smoothly that they often address equipment issues “reactively”. This might make maintenance teams feel more like “firemen” as they respond to in-the-moment needs. So how does a company become less “reactive” and more “proactive”?

8. Building Automation for Pumps

Building automation is the term for the automatic centralized control of a building’s HVAC, lighting, plumbing, and other systems through the use of a building management system or using a building automation system (BAS). Building automation systems and their pumps must be optimally matched in order to minimize installation costs, improve operating costs, and reduce risk of risk of system failure.

9. Circulator Pumps, HVAC Market, and VFDs Take Center Stage at AHR 2016

A major point of discussion from the 2016 showroom floor were the DOE Regulations for Circulator Pumps – of which the Hydraulic Institute recently released this latest announcement.

10. Additive Manufacturing Presents Opportunities for the Pump Industry

We’ve seen the rise and fall of consumer hype around 3D printing, but does the pump industry realize the real potential provided by additive manufacturing? As the cost continues to drop and the quality continues to rise, 3D printing will inevitably overtake more and more of mass production.

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