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New Ways to Maintain and Extend HVAC Efficiency in Your Building [Webinar]


With the ongoing and increasing focus on sustainability, building operators are continually challenged to find new ways to maximize the efficiency and reliability of their HVAC systems. HVAC operations represent a significant portion of the ongoing energy costs.

Based on 80 plus years of experience in the industry, Armstrong has developed a comprehensive set of services to optimize, manage and maintain building performance over the long-term, helping building owners and operators capitalize on the potential for efficiency in HVAC systems.

Join us for this live Performance Management Webinar – New Ways to Maintain and Extend HVAC Efficiency in Your Building.

DAY: Tuesday, January 16, 2018

TIME: 12:00p – 12:45p Eastern



In this 45-minute live webinar, explore the latest performance management services and the technology that supports them. The concepts and capabilities covered in the webinar will provide a new perspective on building performance for both existing facilities and new projects.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn more about the latest performance management services for HVAC efficiency, energy savings and operating cost reductions!

Under the Performance Management umbrella, Armstrong offers two unique services, Pump Manager and ECO*Pulse. Learn more about how these two cutting-edge services can help maximize building efficiency and reliability, while boosting operating profits.

Can’t make the live date? Register anyway, and you will automatically receive the link to the on-demand webinar when it’s available.

Mark Gallagher

About the Presenter:
Mark Gallagher is a subject matter expert on both performance management and energy upgrade services. A longtime employee of Armstrong Fluid Technology, Mark is Global Program Manager, Building Services.


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