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Behind the Scenes with a Leader Who Wears Many Hats!

Charli K. Matthews with John Kahren, President of SPP Pumps and new Hydraulic Institute President

When you have a great experience, you have to talk about it, right?! Well, last week I had a great experience that I have to share with you! I got to go behind the scenes with the new Hydraulic Institute President, John Kahren.

I met John many years ago when he first exhibited his company at OTC. Though we haven’t really spoken in any length since then, I was proud to have reconnected with him at the HI meeting.  It is always a pleasure to see a fellow entrepreneur succeed (John is President of SPP Pumps and SyncroFlo). I recently listened to him discuss his career experience during the CEO panel in the fall pilot program for HI members entering the pump industry.

As I sat in the meeting and observed the CEO panel, I was so inspired by what they all had to say. I wondered what tidbits of knowledge and insight the pilots were absorbing during the talks. So many of them were new to the pump industry, but for me…a 10+ year pump industry enthusiast…there was so much value in the message. The talks were truly inspiring to me. As I listened to John, I remember thinking… he gets it! It’s about the Connections!

Building a business, any business, is about People. John knows this very well. He has built his business on relationships and reliability. I love his company’s tag line, “For Where It Really Matters.” Because it “matters” when you need a pump that works! He has a history of making sure his pump and pump systems are reliability and work… every time! A lot of the time, there are so many companies involved in a pump system that ‘finger pointing’ is just part of the game.  When you work with John, there is no need for that! He takes full responsibility to supply a functional, reliable, quality pump system.

I think HI made a wonderful decision in choosing John as the President.  He will be a great leader to continue the focus on growth for the association!  As HI looks to grow end user connections and influence for the pump industry, we will need a leader that focuses on how to make a difference in peoples’ lives, how to solve their problems, and positively impact their business.

John does this most publicly as the Chairman of the Heroes First Foundation, which provides support to military and first responder families in and around Norcross, Georgia. Talking with him about HHF, it was an easy decision for me to have Empowering Brands sponsor a golf tournament hole to support this honorable charity. John has the ability to lead in his conversations. John asks the right questions and meets the expectations of his partners…it’s second nature to him.

Last week, I got a behind-the-scenes look into his training facility, which was so utterly impressive. When it comes to pumps in fire, water, and really any application… it’s critical they work! To see a fire pump start up immediately was just perfect! I feel safer knowing these are the pumps that keep me safe while I sleep in hotels all across the country!

John’s companies are about building pressure, flow, and people.  This is the best combination you can find in the pump industry.  I am excited for the opportunity to get to work with John as he leads the pump industry forward!


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