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Mouvex – Isocyanates

The most important aspect when dealing with isocyanates is ensuring that they are properly handled throughout the supply chain, as the risk of over-exposure to isocyanates can lead to a […]

Abaque – Mining

While technological advancements have helped streamline the process of finding commodities and ultimately recovering them, mining, at its most basic, still requires drilling or digging holes in the Earth’s surface, […]

Abaque – Chemicals

In addition to cautious handling, the sheer volume of chemicals that need to be produced in order to meet global demand also requires a production process that can reliably and […]

Abaque – Water and Wastewater

With water playing such a critical role in the lives and industries of Earth’s inhabitants, there is paramount need for pumping technology that can efficiently, reliably and safely handle water, […]

Almatec – Abrasives

Innumerable objects that we see and use in our daily lives only achieved their final form after a harsh production process that may have included the use of any number […]

Almatec – ATEX

Chemical plants have a strong responsibility to take every necessary precaution to protect their employees, as well as the surrounding communities. Over the past half-century, legislation has been put in […]

Almatec – Dangerous Chemicals

A chemical that is deemed “highly hazardous” is any substance that is both toxic and reactive, and whose potential for human injury is high if released. The safe containment, handling […]

Griswold – 811 in Oil & Gas

Within actual oilfield activities, speed is a crucial consideration because the quicker the waiting oil and natural gas can be accessed and fed up a well bore, the quicker it […]

Griswold – Maintenance (Mar 12)

For decades, the No. 1 pump-style choice by operators of chemical-processing facilities has been centrifugal-pump technology. Centrifugal pumps enable them to handle many fluid-transfer applications. The pumps will perform at […]

Quattroflow – Single-Use

From a process-equipment standpoint, permanent and single-use quaternary diaphragm pumps, such as Quattroflow™ pumps, represent a growing technology that both helps enable the efficient development of new biologic drugs and […]

Neptune – Drip Irrigation

One system of water delivery that has been growing in popularity in recent years is drip irrigation, which is also referred to as micro-irrigation, trickle irrigation or localized irrigation. This […]

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