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Hydra-Cell® Bolsters Production at an Oil Field

Oil & Gas
Wanner Hydra-Cell® Bolsters Production at an Oil Field

Hydra-Cell® Bolsters Production at an Oil Field

By: Wanner

Application: Pumping polymer from a mixing station to injection wells to pressurize oil information

An oil and gas field in Canada was using a progressive cavity pump to send a polymer mixture downhole where high-pressure pumps ensure that the crude oil flows properly to the surface. The PC pump had constant service issues and became expensive to maintain, so it was replaced by a Hydra-Cell D66/G66.

Wanner Hydra-Cell® Bolsters Production at an Oil Field Hydra-Cell D66_G66 (1)

Pump Model: D66XKSGHFHCA
Flow: 8.5 to 26 gpm (32 to 98 l/min)
Pressure: 100 to 180 psi (6.9 to 12.4 bar)

Since installation a year ago, the Hydra-Cell D66/G66 has performed flawlessly, eliminating service issues and lowering maintenance costs. It uses a variable speed drive that allows one Hydra-Cell pump to feed the polymer to multiple high-pressure pumps, including Hydra-Cell D15/G15 and D35/G35 models.

Hydra-Cell’s rugged construction, seal-less design, and ability to provide low-shear pumping at different viscosities proved an excellent choice for this variable-flow, low-pressure application.

Learn more about the Hydra-Cell D66/G66 Diaphragm Pump!

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