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Reliable Pumping Solutions from Tsurumi Pump


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For nearly a century Tsurumi Pump has been providing resilient, reliable pumping solutions to professionals around the world. People in nearly 50 countries rely on the company’s pumps to keep job sites humming, utility plants performing and water features running beautifully. Tsurumi Pumps are truly built for work. But Tsurumi is more than just product, it’s people!

Ever since its founding in 1924, Tsurumi has cultivated a workforce that prides itself on serving its customers first and foremost. It comes down to three simple priorities; reliability, availability and expertise. Tsurumi’s pumps are some of the toughest most long-lasting on the market. They are always available from an extensive North American distribution network and they always are supported by industry experts that can help you get the job done. Known for their reliability, Tsurumi pumps are manufactured using only the most durable components and they feature patented cutting-edge technology that makes them among the most trustworthy pumps on the market.

Slim line designs enable Tsurumi pumps to fit into tight working quarters offering a combination of size and power that makes them ideal for a wide array of job sites and industries spanning the industrial, residential and commercial sectors.

The company’s unique mechanical seals prevent water penetration better than the competition and its pump components have been shown to last the longest on the job site. Whether it be mining, construction, wastewater management, flood remediation, water feature work or any of the other dozens of applications, its pumps are used for, Tsurumi experts are happy to lend their expertise.

The company consults on a large variety of job sites around North America. Consider Tsurumi’s team always available and this availability extends to Tsurumi’s products to. Logistical expertise has always been a priority for the company enabling it to anticipate where its pumps will be most needed, when they are most needed. Tsurumi is committed to maintaining North America’s largest on-hand inventory and providing rapid service response times enabling users to keep job sites running on time and budget.

“At Tsurumi America were committed to offering our customers the most reliable pumping solutions on the market but the value of our company goes far beyond just our products. We employ a remarkable team of people that make our industry-leading customer service and engineering possible. That’s why people come back to Tsurumi America with their pumping problems. They come because they know that they can trust our pumps to move water and can trust our people to give them solutions. We look forward to meeting your pumping needs in the future thank you for watching and we’ll see you on the job” states Glenn Wieczorek, Managing Director at Tsurumi America, Inc. 

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