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Why Braided Pipe Connectors Are the Best Option for Vibration Control

Proco Why Braided Pipe Connectors Are the Best Option for Vibration Control

Why Braided Pipe Connectors Are the Best Option for Vibration Control

The primary function of using hose and braid materials for piping system connectors is to reduce pump vibration, especially in buildings and in applications in which extreme temperatures exist. Hose and braid connectors have the ability to reduce the vibration as it passes through the pipes. It is also excellent for reducing misalignment caused by those stresses, particularly in HVAC systems. This is why many engineers specify hose and braid in these applications.

The Proco Series 6201 Metal Hose and Braid Connectors have been designed to control a variety of mechanical stresses, such as:

  • Vibration control
  • Noise reduction
  • Relief from system stressors
  • Prevention of system shock
  • Compensation for misalignment and movement

Piping/Pumping systems can fail to operate properly when hard piped and subject to thermal stress and vibration due to rotating equipment. Adding a flexible restraint, such as a metal braid, allows the hose to adequately withstand the specified internal pressure and prevent elongation. The woven metal braid is designed to fit over the metal hose, and to be strong enough to withstand elongation up to the full pressure rating of the hose.

Flexible hoses and braids can be made from a variety of different metals to suit even the most diverse needs such as bronze, 300 series stainless steel, Monel, Hastelloy, or Inconel.

Sometimes climate can be a determining factor when choosing hose and braid connectors. For example, in Arizona and in the Northeast, hose and braid usually is a the preference over rubber expansion joints due to summer/winter hot and cold temperatures. In addition, temperature factors of a system come into play. Any application with temperatures over 250 degrees is not a good situation for rubber, and most engineers will choose hose and braid for those higher-temperature situations.

Temperature Correction Factors

  1. Determine maximum operating temperature.
  2. Locate appropriate correction factor.
  3. Multiply maximum working pressure by correction factor at temperature for acceptable rating. Service temperature for a braided flexible metal pump connector has a negative effect on the amount of maximum pressure to which it can be subjected.

The heating, ventilation, and air conditioning industry is sensitive to the technology of indoor temperature control. A sub-discipline of mechanical engineering, HVAC systems are crucial in the design of residential as well as commercial structures. These systems control the temperature, and also the quality of the air that gets circulated, by replacing or exchanging the air in a particular space. Heating, cooling, and ventilation systems require high-quality, precision-engineered parts, such as those manufactured by Proco Products, Inc.

Proper placement is also essential to the operating life of a flexible connector. For best results place flexible connectors adjacent to rotating equipment in a straight line without offset. Flexible connectors installed before and after rotating equipment will help isolate the piping system from excessive vibration and noise. Anchors should be installed immediately beyond the connector. Braided flexible metal connectors must be installed at or below the permanent lateral offset values. Failure to stay within these parameters can reduce the operating life of the flexible connector.

Learn more about Knowing and Using Flexible Corrugated Hose or for more information, visit

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