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Predictive Analytics for Pumps, Valves, and Seals



Flowserve is unique in this space. We’ve always led the way in manufacturing and service. Now, we’re taking the lead in creating new technologies to detect, diagnose and optimize flow-related equipment, giving customers end-to-end solutions that improve the overall performance of their operations. With our unmatched service capabilities, we now have the technology to help our customers detect and diagnose problems, and all the resources, tools and knowledge it takes to solve them. It’s a continuous effort to provide the best possible solutions for our customers.

Unplanned downtime creates a host of problems in any industrial setting. Flowserve’s IPS suite of products, software and services equips reliability engineers, operators and maintenance teams with a powerful set of tools. IPS enables plant personnel to monitor equipment and systems for issues and take immediate action to prevent or minimize downtime. Operators can also apply predictive intelligence to prevent issues with targeted maintenance plans. The result? Reduced unplanned downtime, which has a host of benefits including increased productivity, efficiency and safety.

Reduce unneeded downtime and maintenance. If a pump can wait for maintenance, let it wait. Don’t tear down a pump in a turnaround if you can avoid it; at a minimum, go immediately to what needs repairs. When you see signs of trouble, that’s when you take action — and avoid unplanned downtime and wasted efforts.

Reduce maintenance costs. Zero in quickly on the root cause of a problem. In some past cases, maintenance might have fixed a vibrating pump, put it back in service, but saw the problem return without a true understanding of its root cause. Now, you can diagnose and quickly treat the issue. Flowserve has the parts, tools and expertise to help you fix it properly — the first time.

Increase energy efficiency. Optimum pump efficiency can be elusive. If some pumps are just slightly off their best efficiency points, their performance can quickly deteriorate, their energy demand increase, and their time to failure or repair can drop dramatically. But now you can know where all your units are on the pump operating curve — and how to optimize them for maximum efficiency.

Improve safety. Reduce the time your people spend in higher-risk areas. You know exactly where the problem is and what it will take to fix it. Give your maintenance staff the right parts, tools and instructions they need to get in, make the repair and get out. It’s how you limit high-risk hours in controlled areas of the plant.

Use your existing infrastructure. The Flowserve IPS approach is built on an open platform, i.e., it will work with your existing systems and processes. Our system can also support equipment from nearly any manufacturer.



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