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PPE Launches New Material for Superior Performance in Low Temperature and High Pressure Applications

Fluid Sealing
PPE EnDura Z90LT Precision Polymer Engineering

PPE Launches New Material for Superior Performance in Low Temperature and High Pressure Applications

PPE launches new material for superior performance in low temperature and high pressure applications

Precision Polymer Engineering (PPE) announces launch of new material, EnDura Z90LT, specifically developed for explosive decompression (ED) resistance

Brenham, TX (June 6, 2016) – Precision Polymer Engineering (PPE), one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high performance molded elastomer seals and O-rings, has launched its new material, EnDura® Z90LT. The hydrogenated nitrile elastomer compound has been specially developed for high pressure applications to reduce the risk of rapid gas decompression seal failure and maintain resilience at low temperature.

The modern oil and gas industry, one of the most demanding and challenging sectors in the world, requires equipment manufacturers to build robust, safe and high performance products that can deliver reliability over extended periods of time. The environments in which equipment must perform are challenging; high and low pressures, extreme temperatures and exposure to corrosive chemicals; all of which can compromise the integrity of mechanical parts. Additionally, the availability for routine repair and maintenance in remote access locations such as on the sea floor, for example, is greatly limited and costly. It is clear that equipment must be built to extremely high specifications and made to last in challenging conditions.

The EnDura® range of elite elastomer materials has been developed by PPE specifically for use in downhole, surface and subsea oilfield equipment, offering excellent Rapid Gas Decompression (RGD) resistance. The range includes material grades that provide the ultimate in chemical resistance and low temperature performance for use in Arctic conditions. EnDura® is the most technically advanced range of elastomer materials available, developed to deliver oilfield sealing technology to exceed oil and gas operator’s performance requirements.

EnDura® elastomers have better chemical resistance than conventional explosive decompression grades, greater low temperature capabilities and are compliant with many international explosive decompression standards. EnDura® Z90LT, the latest addition to the range, is a low temperature HNBR which meets the requirements of the industry standards ISO 23926-2 and NORSOK M710, unlike conventional low temperature HNBR materials, and demonstrates increased H2S resistance.

Commenting on the new material, Steve Jagels, Global Market Manager for Oil & Gas, PPE, said: ‘PPE is always looking to push the boundaries to produce high performance seals, capable of delivering solutions with the widest temperature performance range in high pressure applications. Z90LT is a significant extension of the EnDura® product line, as the elastomer material delivers superior low temperature sealing capability, with the additional benefit of being resistant to rapid gas decompression.’

For further information about PPE’s capabilities and the company’s growth story to date, you can talk to a member of the sales team on +44 (0) 1254 295400 or +1 408 441 2043, visit their website at or email


About Precision Polymer Engineering Ltd

Precision Polymer Engineering Ltd (PPE) is a leading provider of high performance O-rings, elastomer moldings and sealing solutions to a diverse range of industries. The company develops novel elastomer materials to meet the most demanding sealing applications including extreme temperatures and chemically aggressive environments. Its markets are global, and include oil & gas industries, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, food and pharmaceutical production, chemical processing, large-bore diesel engines and aerospace.

Founded in 1975, PPE has manufacturing facilities in Europe and the US and sales offices and dealers in the US, Europe and Asia. The company’s success is based on developing sealing solutions that perform in difficult applications, last longer, require less maintenance and deliver the lowest cost of ownership, combined with exceptional levels of customer service and technical support. Precision Polymer Engineering is a Unit of IDEX Corporation and operates alongside FTL Technology, Novotema, within the IDEX Sealing Solutions group segment.

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