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Mouvex® To Feature Product-Recovery Benefits of Eccentric Disc Pumps at IFT17


Mouvex®, part of PSG®, a Dover company and a leading manufacturer of positive displacement pumps, will be displaying various models of its eccentric disc pump technologies in booth 4801 at the upcoming Institute of Food Technologists’ 2017 IFT Annual Meeting & Food Expo (IFT17). IFT17 – which will be held from June 25-28 at the Sands Expo Center in Las Vegas, NV, USA – brings together the industry’s largest collection of food ingredient, equipment, processing, technology and packaging suppliers.

Specifically, the features and benefits of Mouvex pumps will be highlighted as they relate to enhancing product recovery capabilities in food-and-beverage processing operations. Mouvex launched its ongoing product recovery initiative in June 2014 as a way to provide manufacturers and processors with a complete suite of market-specific tools that have been designed to increase knowledge and highlight the tremendous cost-savings that can be achieved when utilizing Mouvex eccentric disc pump technology.

In food-and-beverage manufacturing, product recovery refers to the high utilization (or yield) of products while substantially eliminating waste – and thereby increasing profits – that would otherwise remain in suction or discharge process lines during changeovers or at the end of production runs. The key to optimizing product recovery and, by extension “profit recovery,” is identifying and employing the most efficient and reliable pumping technology, one that can be trusted to reliably strip suction or discharge lines of valuable raw materials and saleable end products.

Mouvex eccentric disc pumps – particularly the SLS model – are ideal for optimizing product-recovery applications because of their ability to pump air, which creates a vacuum effect on the pump’s suction side and a compressor effect on the discharge side. This results in a plug effect that pushes a complete product “plug” out of the piping. This enables Mouvex pumps to recovery product from transfer lines at rates of from 60% to 80% or more, potentially resulting in thousands of dollars in cost savings annually.

To help show food-and-beverage manufacturers how much product-recovery savings can be realized by switching to eccentric disc pumps, Mouvex has developed a worksheet that calculates product-recovery savings when specific operating characteristics are presented. You can download the Product Recovery Worksheet here. For an up-close look at how Mouvex Eccentric Disc Pumps can enhance food-and-beverage product recovery, Mouvex will have its new Product Recovery Demo Unit on display at its booth during the show. For more information on Mouvex product recovery, please go to psgdover.com/product-recovery.

For more about Mouvex eccentric disc pumps, please go to mouvex.com. Mouvex is a product brand within PSG, a Dover company. For more information on PSG, please go to psgdover.com

 About Mouvex:

Mouvex® was incorporated in 1906 and is a leading manufacturer of positive displacement pumps, screw compressors and hydraulic coolers. Through a global network of distributors and original equipment manufacturers, Mouvex serves the following markets: refined fuels, oilfield, energy, food /sanitary, military, transport and chemical process. Mouvex — headquartered in Auxerre, France — is part of PSG®, a Dover company.


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