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Mouvex ® Celebrates 50th Anniversary of Manufacturing A Series Eccentric Disc Pumps

Mouvex A Series Logo

Mouvex®, part of PSG®, a Dover company and a leading manufacturer of positive displacement pumps, is pleased to announce that it is celebrating its 50th anniversary of manufacturing A Series Eccentric Disc Pumps in 2015.Mouvex A55

Since 1965, A Series pumps have been manufactured, assembled and  shipped from the PSG Auxerre, France facility. Over the past 50 years,  A Series pumps, of which thousands are operating worldwide, have been known for their reliability, durability and cost effectiveness, and have earned a reputation as the ideal pumping technology for some of the harshest applications in the world.

“We are extremely proud to be celebrating 50 years of manufacturing A Series pumps at Mouvex,” said Paul Cardon, Industry Product Manager for Mouvex. “Mouvex eccentric disc pump technology has a long-standing tradition in the pump world, going back over 100 years, and the A Series is one of our key product lines. For 50 years, A Series pumps have proven their reliability and performance in a variety of tough applications. We will continue to expand the capabilities of the A Series pump line, allowing them to serve more markets and a wider range of industrial applications.”

To help celebrate this milestone in the company’s history, Mouvex is launching a new marketing campaign featuring its innovative line of A Series pumps. The new campaign – which will roll out in September 2015 – will include a new anniversary logo, advertising program and sales tools. The new advertising program has been designed to express the company’s long-standing tradition as the leading manufacturer of eccentric disc pump technology.

Mouvex A Series pumps are positive displacement pumps that utilize eccentric disc technology, which enables self-priming and run-dry capabilities while maintaining a constant flow rate regardless of changes in viscosity and pressure. These pumps also maintain their initial performance over time and are ATEX-certified for use in potentially dangerous environments with the ability to run-dry for up to six minutes. Available in seven different sizes – AZ, AD, A6, A12, A18, A31 and A55 – Mouvex A Series pumps have maximum speeds to 600 rpm, can handle temperatures up to 150° C (302° F), as well as suction and discharge ports from 1 ½” through 4” in size. A Series pumps are offered with a variety of connection types and options, including the availability of both Mouvex or standardized mechanical seals, which helps expedite installations regardless of location.

For more about Mouvex A Series Eccentric Disc Pumps, please go to mouvex.com.

About Mouvex:

Mouvex® was incorporated in 1906 and is a leading manufacturer of positive displacement pumps, screw compressors and hydraulic coolers. Through a global network of distributors and original equipment manufacturers, Mouvex serves the following markets: refined fuels, oilfield, energy, food /sanitary, military, transport and chemical process. Mouvex — headquartered in Auxerre, France — is part of PSG®, a Dover company.


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