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An Inside Look into Game-Changing Processes

modern manufacturing volume 3

This is the third in the Modern Manufacturing Case Studies series of three books. See Volume 1 and 2.


Modern Manufacturing (Volume 3) provides outstanding case studies for you to consider when thinking about how to improve productivity in your plants, reduce overall cost of operations, deal with the realities of our retiring workforce, and engaging with the youth that is our future in manufacturing.

“I think you will agree with me that Michelle “gets it,” and “it” is an infectious passion for what we call manufacturing! Her exuberance for manufacturing and industry was and still is infectious. The fact that she has spent more than a decade touring the world, visiting more than 75 plants in 12 countries, and writing about her experiences in the manufacturing environment signifies her continued zest for learning and sharing best practices with others. I know that if you have half an interest in how things are made, the processes that make it happen, and the technology and innovations that are used to make our daily lives comfortable, you will really enjoy Volume 3 of Modern Manufacturing: An Inside Look into Game-Changing Processes.” – Randy Breaux, President, Motion Industries.

The finale of this three-volume series demonstrates how augmented reality connects humans and machines to drive the future of modern manufacturing. Modern Manufacturing (Volume 3)—An Inside Look into Game-Changing Processes also includes real-world case studies from worldwide industry champions PTC, Gravity Jack, Inc., ACH Foam Technologies, Aquatherm, CountryMark, Dana Incorporated, Empire Level, Frito-Lay, Ideal Industries, Kreinik Manufacturing, Co., and the Y12 National Security Complex.

This volume explores best practices and tools, including the strategic utilization of planning and scheduling, creative craftmanship, training, automation, workplace excellence programs, culture change, employee empowerment, continuous improvement, strategic facility design, and computerized maintenance management software to boost overall plant performance, increase efficiency, and improve reliability.

Since 2008, Michelle Segrest has been touring manufacturing facilities worldwide for major industry trade publications. She has toured more than 75 manufacturing facilities in 12 countries on three continents. Each plant made a memorable impression. This three-volume ebook series about modern manufacturing showcases the 30 factories that she felt had the most compelling stories to tell about innovation, efficiency, and reliability—with a glimpse of what the future of manufacturing looks like. Michelle shares her first-hand experiences touring manufacturing facilities worldwide, delivering the lessons learned from the best practices of industry champions.

Each chapter is a detailed case study which can be easily read in one sitting and provides a comprehensive account of how these world-class facilities use game-changing methods to improve plant operations. Each case study also includes key tips and takeaways that can be used in any plant, in any industry.

Foreword by Randy Breaux, President, Motion Industries

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