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Real-World Stories from the Plant Floor

modern manufacturing volume 2

This is the second in the Modern Manufacturing Case Studies series of three books. See Volume 1.


The second installment in this three-volume series explores new ways modern manufacturers are using drones to monitor and analyze big data and demonstrates how pilot plants remove the risk from huge expansions and new projects, saving money and enhancing facility performance.

Modern Manufacturing (Volume 2)—Real-World Stories from the Plant Floor also includes detailed case studies from worldwide industry champions Industrial Skyworks, Reliance Industries Limited, EPIC Systems, Zeton, Inc., DuPont, Alpen High Performance Products, AstraZeneca, Draper, Inc, Festo, Four Roses Distillery, Greenheck, Linetec, Styrotek, and Uponor North America.

Volume 2 explores best practices and tools such as facility design, the industrial internet of things (IIoT), proactive maintenance, plant efficiency, culture change, employee-empowerment, automation, planned maintenance, Kaizen events, and continuous improvement strategies to boost overall plant performance, increase efficiency, and improve reliability.

Each chapter is a detailed case study which can be easily read in one sitting and provides a comprehensive account of how these world-class facilities use game-changing methods to improve plant operations. Each case study also includes key tips and takeaways that can be used in any plant, in any industry.

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