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Carbon Graphite Manufacturer Celebrates 75 Years

Industry News

Carbon Graphite Manufacturer Celebrates 75 Years

By: Metcar

With the state of the world we are in today, reflecting on the journey of a carbon / graphite manufacturer and the strength with which they have helped the industry navigate a constantly changing and evolving world gives hope. Congratulations to Metcar, who in 2020 celebrates the 75 years since Metallized Carbon Corporation was founded.

Metcar’s 75 years of experience have taught them that people make the difference in how solutions are applied to the challenges of extreme environments, and how they are executed in uncertain times. As in carbon/graphite material solutions, one element often needs others in order to produce a winning result.

The video above is an expression of gratitude to the people who have brought Metcar through 75 years, and whose strength they rely on to carry their clients through the next century. These people include their founders and their entrepreneurial spirits, their current workforce (dedicated experts – from technical staff to engineers), collaborative peers, such as the FSA, and clients, whose critical services drive the technological advancement and betterment of the world. Together, they are #MetcarStrong.

Headquartered in Ossining, New York, Metcar makes their carbon graphite products to ship around the world. Experts in their craft, the Metcar engineering staff is constantly working with customers to make sure that their recommended solutions are the best fit for their operating conditions.

One of the things that has been exciting to see is the development and maturity of their young workforce. These people have dedicated themselves to learning the art and science of manufacturing self-lubricating materials and understanding the applications in which they operate. Today, Metcar would say that their technical staff rivals the staff of any of their competitors.

In the last few years, Metcar has made a lot of progress toward entering new markets and developing new materials for those markets, making Metcar an exciting place to be. Something they are particularly excited about is being able to contribute to the sustainability efforts of their clients; a major focus of the sealing industry is reducing emissions into the environment. Now more than ever, that is very important, and Metcar is proud to be a part of that.

Looking into the Future | 75 Years of Going to the Extreme

Chris DiPaolo shares, “In 75 years, I think Metallized Carbon will be stronger, larger, and more successful than it is today. We have grown from a 1,000 square foot two-car garage to five global facilities that employ more than 250 people worldwide. I can be very proud to be part of an organization that has seen that type of growth in such a short period of time.”

“We’d like to thank all of our customers for supporting us and sticking with us for those 75 years, and we hope to continue to serve them in the future,” declares Chris DiPaolo.

Carbon Graphite Experts

Metcar has humble beginnings and has developed into a resilient company. Today, Metcar supports a variety of critical industries, including infrastructure, transportation, and defense, as well as provided innovative efforts in food, production, pharmaceutical production, and space exploration.
metcar carbon graphite manufacturer celebrates 75 yearsMatthew Brennan, Metcar’s President and CEO, shared the following overview of Metcar’s journey:

Metallized Carbon Corporation was founded right after World War II. The original operations were about 30 miles north of Manhattan on the Hudson River and has since grown to occupy the whole street (now over 90,000 square feet).

From that original space, the company has expanded to more than five manufacturing facilities, located in Singapore, Mexico, China, and the US. Their fifth location, the Aerospace Materials Division, was opened for production in 2018 in upstate New York.

With its expanding global footprint, well-equipped manufacturing facilities, talented and committed workforce, and technical expertise, Metallized Carbon is equipped to take on the challenges of severe service lubrication well into the 21st Century and beyond.

Metcar engineers are available to work with you on a solution to your process needs. Reach out and speak to their team today.

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