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Optimizing Pump Systems


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MDM Pumps has grown into a pump industry leader as we have developed extensive experience in optimizing a wide array of pump systems. 

What Pump System Optimization Means 

Our experience in optimizing pump systems generally comes in the form of a retrofit. We constantly encounter applications that use aging infrastructure that isn’t designed with optimization in mind or even efficiency. Our experts identify these inefficiencies and develop strategies to improve upon them, as well as what can be removed to better the system. Often the biggest challenge is most owners aren’t interested in changing the infrastructure, especially the pipe works. This is where our close OEM relationships with Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) manufacturers come into play as these valuable components allow one to operate pumps in a way that create equilibrium in the hydraulic system, resulting in energy efficiency and longevity.  

Pump System Optimization for ROI

An optimization always starts with an audit that breaks down the cost of keeping the system running. We compare that with acquisition costs, the price of correcting inefficiencies, and then project the savings. ROI can take anywhere from 12 to 24 months to be realized, although we’ve seen tangible results in as little as six months. VFDs are a big part of this. Many municipalities and power companies offer incentives for VFDs that can end up offering the equipment with little to no cost to the plant. For example, The Department of Energy’s 20/20 program can be a great motivator to optimize your system.

Why You Should Spend the Time and Energy to Audit Your Plant

Some owners are worried about the level of energy they consume. Others are concerned about the impact they have on the environment. Still others are frustrated with making the same costly repairs in the same areas over and over again. It could be a faulty piece of equipment or it could be inefficiencies in the system. An audit can answer all of these questions by performing an analysis that identifies inefficiencies and creates solutions.

Typically, pump manufacturers are more concerned with selling new pumps, so it’s rare to find pump companies that are sincerely concerned about providing you with a pump that will work efficiently in your system. Owners / operators should ask if an audit can be performed on the entire system, otherwise, how do you really know you’re putting in the right pump? 

Pump System Optimization Reduces Energy Footprint

It is important to MDM that we collectively and collaboratively reduce our energy footprint by becoming more efficient in how we implement and utilize pump system optimization- this is a huge part of our work. We take pride in reducing operating horsepower by as much as 50% in many cases, and the benefits of that ripple throughout the plant. We enjoy touring facilities that have been optimized correctly. For example, one of our plants had most of its pumps reduce their RPM from 3,450 to 1,750, and the lack of heat and vibration became noticeable throughout. In addition to saving energy, it is also less damaging to the workers’ hearing, something OSHA would appreciate

MDM is built on an American family of manufacturers and innovators who love to see new generations of pump professionals having a better quality of life than the ones who went before them.



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