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    Multi-Duti Manufacturing (MDM) has been a leader in pumping technology since 1978, based on a patented seal technology that provides a totally non-metallic physical configuration.  This construction has many applications in residential and commercial aquaculture, life support, chemical and industrial processing, as well as wastewater processing where fluid purity is essential.

    MDM offers six product lines with characteristics unique to the served markets:

    • Sequence® and ValuFlo® in lower flow and pressure residential markets,
    • Genesys® and Advance in medium flow and pressure commercial and industrial markets,
    • C-Shell® in high flow and pressure commercial and industrial markets
    • Qsys for high flow / low pressure aquaculture, waste water, and pump as turbine (PAT) applications.

    MDM has long been known to offer the lowest total cost of ownership in the pumping industry, related to pumping efficiency, low maintenance and long product life.  MDM’s reputation for service support and responsiveness is unparalleled.



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