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Waste water treatment with KSB: rising to the challenge in Shanghai

Shanghai – a megacity with state-of-the-art waste water equipment from KSB

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The Bailonggang waste water treatment plant in Shanghai is the biggest in Asia and one of the largest in the world. With a population in the double-digit millions, a third of the waste water produced in the city is treated here. Every day over two million cubic metres of waste water flow through the plant, which handles the waste water from around 3.6 million inhabitants in a catchment area covering more than 270 km².

KSB Knife gate valve HERA BD
Knife gate valve HERA BD

Hundreds of pumps were needed to equip the waste water treatment plant. The operating company opted for KSB as the supplier because KSB pumps meet all relevant requirements, deliver higher levels of hydraulic efficiency than many competitor products and thus make a major contribution to the overall energy efficiency of the pumping system.

KSB Amacan submersible pump in discharge tube
Amacan submersible pump in discharge tube

KSB supplied a total of 241 submersible motor pumps from the Amacan range, 65 from the Amarex KRT and Amarex N ranges, six dry-installed SPN waste water pumps and six dry-installed ZL axial flow pumps. The pumps were delivered with all requisite components ready for connection, some already with the necessary control cabinets.

Comprehensive portfolio for waste water applications

KSB offers you a comprehensive portfolio of pumps for tackling all waste water treatment tasks. You’ll find not only classic waste water pumps, but also sludge handling pumps, progressive cavity pumps, propulsive jet pumps for stormwater tank cleaning, and clean and hot water pumps for general use. Whatever the application, reliability always takes top priority. KSB therefore sets great store by choosing the most suitable hydraulic system for waste water handling, selects especially wear-resistant materials or incorporates carefully considered details such as absolutely watertight cable entries and mechanical seals with a covered spring for particularly abrasive waste water. We also offer a wide range of mixers that prevent sludge deposits in sedimentation tanks and ensure that contaminants are fully eliminated. The Amaprop low-speed mixer, for example, is one of the best products in its segment on the market – a powerful performer with an optimised hydraulic system, a break-proof propeller and especially long maintenance intervals. Last, but not least come our reliable valves such as the HERA knife gate valve. They ensure the precise control of all processes in waste water treatment.

KSB The right impeller type for every application
The right impeller type for every application (from left): semi-open free-flow impeller, closed multi-channel impeller, free-flow impeller with cutter, closed single-channel impeller, semi-open single-channel impeller

The best impellers for every application

In waste water applications impellers play a vital role in preventing clogging and maximising energy efficiency. We ensure the right impeller for every application with a choice of five different impeller types featuring large free passages and high levels of efficiency.

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