Sydney pumps drinking water with KSB pumps


Sydney pumps drinking water with KSB pumps


The biggest city in Australia derives part of its drinking water from the Nepean Dam, which is located some 100 km south-west of Sydney and its several million inhabitants. For transporting the water, the city relies entirely on KSB. Three high-efficiency KSB pumps of the RDLO series extract raw water at the lowest point of the dam and transfer it to a filtration plant. It is then treated and pumped to Sydney via a network of pipelines.

To ensure that the pumps run at maximum efficiency even under conditions of fluctuating demand, they are fitted with frequency inverters. These ensure that the motor speed is always in the most energy-efficient range, thus minimising the operating costs of the pumping station.


High-efficiency water
transport pump RDLO

However, KSB provided its customer, the construction company Baulderstone Hornibrook, with much more than just pumps. During the planning stage of the project, we supported the customer by designing and sizing the entire system. The KSB competence centre in Germany and our team on site provided valuable help with the calculations and assisted with the entire process right through to commissioning of the system.

Reliable and cost-effective: unbeatable water transport
When it comes to transporting water, the key priorities are reliability and energy efficiency, as these factors play a major role in determining the operating costs. As a full-liner, KSB is able to offer a wide selection of powerful pump ranges that guarantee not only maximum availability and operating reliability, but also outstanding efficiencies and low maintenance costs.


Centred-disc butterfly

Our pumps are built for easy servicing and set worldwide standards with regard to quality, reliability and durability. We’ve optimised the pump design to offer minimal life cycle costs. Furthermore, with accessories such as our PumpMeter, you can ensure that your pumps are always operating with the lowest possible energy consumption. Reliable valves, e.g. the centred disc butterfly valve MAMMOUTH complement our comprehensive range of products for water transport applications.

You also directly benefit from our wealth of expertise. On request, we advise our customers during all project phases, supply complete or partial solutions for special requirements and provide continuous support with projects right from the initial planning stage to commissioning and maintenance.

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