Introducing New Director of Business Development at Empowering Pumps & Equipment

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Vince Marino

Introducing New Director of Business Development at Empowering Pumps & Equipment

Charli K. Matthews, Founder and CEO of Empowering Brands, announced the appointment of Vince Marino as Director of Business Development for Empowering Pumps & Equipment. In this capacity, Marino will support the growing digital media company, working with industrial pump, valve, motor, compressor, and other equipment manufacturers to distribute the right content, to the right audience, at the right time.

As a driven, proactive professional, Marino is no stranger to the Pump Industry, having worked with Modern Pumping Today and Cahaba Media Group over the course of his long career. Marino was a major player in the launch of a new magazine (Pumps & Systems MENA) designed to serve the Middle East region and GCC countries. In his 4 years there, Marino developed and executed sales and networking strategies that resulted in dramatic revenue increases, earning him recognition and Top Salesperson Awards in 2013, 2014, and 2015. With experience generating value for B2B marketers, Marino has the perfect skill set and personality to support the continued success of Empowering Pumps & Equipment and its Partners.

Vince will make an excellent addition to the Empowering Pumps team. His experience in the industry, sales & marketing knowledge, and growth-focused attitude will make him a real asset to our team,” states Charli K. Matthews. “Plus, he knows how to say Roll Tide!

Born in Beaumont, Texas, Marino holds a BS in Communications from Middle Tennessee State University, during which time he let his outgoing self shine through as a radio personality on the 50,000-watt campus radio station WMOT. His ability to understand different forms of media and the potential each yields when strategically utilized in a marketing program, Marino is looking forward to helping Empowering Pumps’ Partners innovate with modern technologies. “Charli has built an amazing business for herself and the rotating equipment world,” declares Marino. “Wherever one goes, people are certain to know who she is – and seeing her company take off over the years has me very interested and wanting to contribute by bringing in new, untapped clients into the fold. It’s no longer about a full-page ad in print – it is all about engagement and the methods employed by Empowering Brands to achieve the level of engagement required to garner the trust of a client. It’s awe-inspiring and the future with Empowering Pumps seems bright.”

Empowering Pumps & Equipment is THE CONNECTION HUB for the global Pump Industry. Our Community connects and engages through social media, our website and eNewsletters, providing several channels to empower pump industry professionals to exchange ideas, news, stories, product information, case studies, videos, event information, insight, encouragement and more. Vince Marino can be reached at

For more information related to this press release, please contact Charli K. Matthews at

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