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International Women in Engineering Day 2018


Author: Cieana Detloff

If you read our previous post “We Cannot Be What We Cannot See“, then you know #WomenInEngineering is important to the team at Empowering Pumps & Equipment! This week, we are celebrating International Women in Engineering Day, which is on Saturday, June 23rd!

There are so many fun things you can do to participate!

1. Watch this inspiring TEDtalk with Debbie Sterling, engineer and founder of GoldieBlox, a toy company focused on inspiring the next generation of Women Engineers.

2. Participate in the “Draw an Engineer” competition. To enter, simply draw (with a crayon if you’d like!) or paint a Woman Engineer – someone from the past or even someone you know! Tag them on their social channels with your drawing and the hashtags below!

3. Get involved using social media! Use the hashtags #INWED18 #WomenInEngineering #RaisingtheBar to participate in the conversation. At the very least, you’ll learn something new and interesting!

We’re in the middle of a cultural shift – one that is going to increase the diversity of engineers in the workforce over the next few decades. This diversity will ultimately contribute to our solutions to global issues, so share messages that are important to you!


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