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Industry Person of the Week – Loran Knudsvig

Loran Knudsvig (left) accepts award from Adam Stolberg (right), Executive Director of SWPA (Submersible Wastewater Pump Association)
Loran Knudsvig (left) accepts award from Adam Stolberg (right), Executive Director of SWPA (Submersible Wastewater Pump Association)

For the past couple years, Empowering Pumps has been inviting people to Nominate an Industry Professional, and today’s Person of the Week is Loran Knudsvig, a pump industry veteran who has just retired from a long career with SJE-Rhombus!

Congratulations on your recent retirement, Loran! Before you go, share some stories with us! This is, after all, a time to reminisce!

Tell us, when and how did you get started working in your field?  

Loran: I was hired by S. J. Electro Systems back in February of 1989. Previously, I had worked in sales and management with a couple other companies outside our industry.  I could see that SJE was a growing company by the expansions to their facility and the quality products they produced, so I interviewed and was hired for an entry-level position.  I continued to work my way up to Vice President of Sales for Standard Products, and now I am retiring after 29 years in the industry.

Wow! What did you love most about your career? 

Loran: The people! To me, it is all about the people you are privileged to meet, those you work with as well as the customers.  I have been fortunate to have been able to establish many life-long friends throughout my career.  When you enjoy what you do, it shows, and people are attracted to that.

What are you most proud of?

Loran: I am most proud of those who I have been able to help along the way.  You reach a point in your career when you want to give back and see others succeed.  This is by far the most rewarding part of my career.  I am also proud to have been part of advancing the use of controls for better pumping system performance.  I look back at how far controls have come over the years, and it is amazing!  Our industry and the environment is much better off because of this.

What advice would you give to someone considering this line of work or new to the field? 

Loran: Treat others as you would like to be treated!  With this age of electronics, the human contact factor is often overlooked.  My other piece of advice that I give is to work hard and have fun!  These have been key to my career in sales.

Loran, Thanks for your contributions to the Pump Industry and for being our Industry Person of the Week! Cheers to you and best wishes for your retirement! 

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