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How a Cup of Coffee Can Support Infrastructure

Infrastructure Brew

Jacob McGough is an interesting type of entrepreneur. He started with an interest in design & building in his high school days. His professional career advanced as a mechanical drafter, which then led him to the water industry working for a manufacturer with more hands-on field experience that took him across the country. Since 2010, he has been with a manufacturer’s representative company where he has given various presentations – some covering the issues with the nation’s aging infrastructure and the need to repair and improve it. Jacob and his significant other had a firsthand view of all the issues plaguing our infrastructure, especially in the water industry, and they saw a need to repair it. Enter the concept of Infrastructure Brew.

During his 13-year career in the industry, Jacob has worn many hats – from drafting/designing, pipe fabrication, CNC machine programming, project management, and then to application engineering supporting system design work.  He has had the opportunity to expand business territories from New Mexico and Colorado up to Montana and Wyoming. During this business expansion, his significant other and their 1 year old son (at the time) traveled 80% of the time with him. With all of that ‘windshield’ time on the road and discussions about what Jacob and his partner were seeing and discussing, it was only a matter of time before all of the discussions would spark upon what water professionals love: water and coffee. It made sense to sell one in order to help the other.

Refuel & Repair

Anyone can slap a label on a bag of coffee and claim to be the choice for those who care. “We wanted to go above that,” explains Jacob in an interview with Empowering Pumps & Equipment. “We knew we wanted the coffee to be organic, fair trade, but most of all, a craft that was built for all tastes. In fact, my wife and I tested our Original Blend for months to ensure it would taste right when served black, as well as with cream and sugar for the community.” They found a local roaster in St. Cloud, FL, who shared a passion with a business-backed philanthropy. It was a major bonus that he preferred to roast coffee in small artisanal batches, rather than bulk roasting.

Finding a Partner

With a tagline of “Refuel and Repair” in reference to helping repair the nation, Infrastructure Brew needed a partner. “Back many years ago when I first got into the water industry, I wish I would have gotten the AWWA membership and been involved from the start, rather than waited a few years,” Jacob recalls. “I always thought I would get to it.” He admires their partnerships with the student and young professional group. AWWA’s students and young professionals group somewhat reminded him of a former group he was an active member during high school – called Vocational Industrial Clubs of America (V.I.C.A., now known as Skills USA).  AWWA along with the Water Equation supporting the Community Engineering Corps was the right fit. Community Engineering Corps is a cause that focuses on repairing critical infrastructures located throughout the USA.

How Infrastructure Brew Fits In

For every bag sold, Infrastructure Brew donates a portion to the Water Equation. “We like that these donations go to under-served communities in the USA,” says Jacob. “They find professional engineers along with volunteers to donate their time and talents to support critical infrastructure needs. This could be water, road, civil – critical infrastructure needs. Donations to the organization can also go towards materials for these infrastructure projects.”

What’s Next for Infrastructure Brew

In addition to their much-labored Original Brew, they are also offering two other flavors:

Espresso – For those who enjoy a bolder, yet smooth flavor. This three-origin combination can be brewed as an espresso or drip. It has notes of dark chocolate, cream, and cherry.

Timor – It is bright and full bodied with low acidity. The coffee has notes of Baker’s chocolate, licorice, and caramel.

“Our coffee is roasted on Mondays and shipped out the following day so customers can receive just in time for the weekend,” advises Jacob. He also gave us a sneak preview of their upcoming Black Friday special: Be one of the first 50 customers to purchase three bags of any flavor, and you will receive one of their special RTIC tumblers with your coffee. “It’s a shared opportunity to make an impact.”

For more on Infrastructure Brew, visit their official website, Facebook page, Twitter feed, and/or their  Instagram page. 

Infrastructure for the Next Generations


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