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Connected Pumps: Monetizing the New Digital Services Growth Opportunity

Frost & Sullivan

Explore Future of Pumps in a Connected World during Frost & Sullivan’s Live Webinar

With technology disruptions transforming various industries, companies are uncertain which strategies to pursue to navigate the digital environment. While digital transformation projects abound, many companies are unsure of how to leverage them.

Frost & Sullivan invites you to join Anand Gnanamoorthy, Global Research Leader—Industrial Practice, for the upcoming webinar “Monetizing the New Digital Services Growth Opportunity”, taking place on Tuesday, 23 April 2019, at 1 pm GMT/9 am EDT. Explore how digital transformation is driving pump end users to adopt best practices in asset management technologies and what new growth opportunities pump manufacturers can capitalize on.

With respect to IIoT, companies are facing a dizzying array of technologies and solutions. Not all will have an impact on market participants’ business model or industry. It is vital that companies distinguish between incremental technology advances (such as remote monitoring, wireless) that require minimal resource investment and those game-changing emerging technologies (such as predictive analytics services and smart maintenance) that will disrupt their way of doing business. Companies that succeed in doing this are better positioned to overcome the challenges that emerge from that disruption and take advantage of select opportunities for growth.

“From pump monitoring to asset performance management and enterprise-wide analytics, a variety of growth opportunities are emerging in the industry. It is important to understand the digital landscape to ensure organizations can monetize from the opportunities to avoid investment pitfalls,” said Gnanamoorthy.

For more information and to register for the webinar, please click here.

Key Takeaways:

  • Discover key growth opportunities and how they are disrupting the traditional pump services industry, as well as changing how end users monitor and maintain their process equipment.
  • Identify the major customer segments that you need to target based on their digital maturity.
  • Understand emerging business models such as pump-as-a-service and pricing models to help you monetize digital solutions.

This webinar will be recorded and available for on-demand viewing at http://frost.ly/1ti.

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