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Next Level Manway Sealing with SecureSnap™


Next Level Manway Sealing with SecureSnap™

Rail Car manway sealing can be tricky. A potential problem with a standard AAR-1 manway gasket is that the conventional design must be precisely made with tight tolerances to fit snugly into a dovetailed groove so that it remains in place once installed. When this does not happen the potential for Non-Accident Releases(NARs)is heightened. The required tolerances for these conventional style gaskets are difficult to achieve, and create quite a bit of scrap during the manufacturing process. In addition, if the ID is too small, installation becomes difficult if not impossible. On the other hand, if the ID is too large the gasket will easily fall out of the groove and into the manway nozzle. The result of this happening will cause leaks, splashes, and other releases from an improperly secured manway cover.

The solution to this is SecureSnap™

Gasket Resources Inc.’s next level of manway sealing for the rail car industry features a single “Universal Style” gasket that can accommodate several model sizes. Flexible tabs conform to the groove bottom and eliminates the need for tight tolerances associated with conventional style gaskets.

The increased flexibility of the SecureSnap™ manway gasket enables the user to install the gaskets more quickly than the conventional gasket. The tabs allow for the SecureSnap™ manway gasket to easily snap into the dovetail groove. Thus, the time required to install the SecureSnap™ gasket is significantly less than the time required to install a standard manway gasket.

The flexibility of the SecureSnap™ manway gasket also renders the gaskets more versatile than the conventional gasket. The SecureSnap™ gasket will accommodate more than one style of manway system (dependent on end-user approval) meaning that distributors can stock one size of gasket for multiple manway designs, therefore reducing inventory and overall cost.

Learn more about SecureSnap™!

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