Increase uptime and efficiency in your HVAC system with intelligent drives from Danfoss


Increase uptime and efficiency in your HVAC system with intelligent drives from Danfoss

By: Danfoss

Thinking of investing more money into more sensors? With Danfoss intelligent drives, you don’t have to. Danfoss intelligent drives enable your air handling unit to manage a host of control tasks. They sense activity beyond the drive using internal measurements. They can perform air filter monitoring either without sensors, by accurately estimating the load of the fan, or by using a drive-attached pressure transmitter. They also have a pressure-to-flow conversion feature that limits the need for external sensors.

If the filter in an air handling unit starts to clog, it will run less efficiently. The intelligent drive monitors and detects issues early to enable predictive and condition-based maintenance. It does this by detecting changes in both pressure and motor load. The drive analyzes real-time data on the edge to identify a filter clogging issue. It also sends a warning to the operator to replace the filter at the next scheduled maintenance. Data is securely stored in the cloud, on-premises, and local data storage or in an automation system for further analysis.

Danfoss intelligent drives. Unleash the intelligence from within.

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