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APG Introduces new Loop-Powered Display in the Palm of Your Hand

Motors & Drives

APG Introduces new Loop-Powered Display in the Palm of Your Hand

Automation Products Group, Inc. (APG) introduced a new display product, the “LPD” or Loop-Powered display, ideal for installations that use loop-powered wiring. The LPD displays are designed to be inserted into a 4-20 mA loop-powered sensor system to provide a local display without additional wiring. Setup is easy using just three buttons on the display.

“Our customers were interested in a LPD that could be installed outside hazardous locations and was easy to use, so we responded with this new product,” said Doug Moore, Inside Sales Manager at APG. “Its unique design is perfect for harsh environments and provides a lot of flexibility in how and where it is mounted.”

The new LPD provides a display that can be used in places where explosive gases might be present such as oil fields, chemical yards, refineries, wastewater treatment plants or pumping stations.

A secondary purpose is to convert analog signals to a digital Modbus signal for incorporating with modern communication protocols. In this way, it fits into APG’s Tank Cloud remote monitoring system, which works off of Modbus. This is another way to convert an analog signal to a digital one to be sent over the Internet for reading on a browser.

This display gives you the ability to connect up to ten (10) 4-20 mA sensors to any of Tank Cloud’s Modbus masters, including the MND display, by converting to Modbus. One master could connect to 10 LPDs, with one analog sensor connected to each.

Features of this new product include:

  • Large, 5-digit display with 0.4 in. characters and 6-digit description line
  • Environmentally sealed housing; IP67
  • 4-20 mA Input
  • 4-20 mA or Modbus output
  • Easy 3-button programming
  • User selectable units of measure (barrels, cubic inches, liters, cubic meters, gallons, million cubic feet, cubic feet, custom)

The product can be found at:

About Automation Products Group

For more than 35 years, Automation Products Group, Inc. (APG) has supplied flexible sensing solutions for measurement applications in many industries including, water and wastewater, oil and gas, chemical, and medical markets. APG specializes in level, pressure, and remote sensing technologies and is known for sensors that perform well in harsh and hazardous conditions.

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