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Nidec/U.S. MOTORS Announces Two Senior Staff Promotions

Industry News
Nidec/U.S. MOTORS Announces Two Senior Staff Promotions

Nidec/U.S. MOTORS Announces Two Senior Staff Promotions

Nidec’s U.S. MOTORS® division recently promoted two long-time staffers to senior roles. Cory Kniepp is now Director, Strategic Planning & Marketing Operations, and Patrick Hogg is Senior Marketing Director, Industrial OEMs and Distribution.

The U.S. MOTORS brand is an industry leader in electric motors featuring advanced technology, from variable speed electronically commutated motors to market-leading NEMA Premium® efficient motors.
In his new role, Kniepp will support growth initiatives, collaborating with senior management in shaping business strategy and conducting data analysis to ensure continued alignment with goals. He was previously Director, Marketing Operations. Kniepp joined Nidec in 2017 as a Market Manager. He holds a Bachelor of Science in General Engineering from the University of Illinois and an MBA from Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville.

Hogg will continue to lead the company’s industrial pumping, distribution, and general industry markets, along with a stronger focus on business development for these and other growing markets in the industrial segment. He has been with Nidec for over 16 years (including when U.S. MOTORS was part of Emerson). In that time, he has moved up from engineering co-op through customer design marketing and product management. For the past three years, Hogg has been director of marketing for the industrial markets. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville and an MBA from University of Missouri-St. Louis.

More information on U.S. MOTORS products can be found at

About Nidec Corporation, Nidec Motor Corporation and U.S.MOTORS

Nidec Corporation is the world’s No.1 comprehensive motor manufacturer. Based in Kyoto, Japan, Nidec Corporation offers motors ranging from micro-size to super large, as well as application products and services in IT, automation, home appliances, automobiles, commercial and industrial systems, environmental, energy, and many other businesses. Nidec is comprised of approximately 340 companies employing more than 110,000 people all over the world.

Nidec Appliance, Commercial and Industrial Motors (ACIM) is a business unit of Nidec that manufactures a full line of high-efficiency motors used in applications ranging from air conditioning condensers, HVAC blower motors, rooftop cooling towers, commercial refrigeration, and appliances, to agriculture, water treatment, mining, oil and gas, and power generation, to pool and spa. The division also makes motors, controls, and switches for automotive and commercial markets. Product brands include U.S.MOTORS®, RESCUE®, NIDEC® and EMBRACO®.

The U.S. MOTORS brand encompasses a complete line of general and special-purpose commercial and industrial motors from 1/30 horsepower through 4000 horsepower for a wide variety of applications. Since 1908, the U.S. MOTORS brand has stood for exceptional product reliability and performance. It is one of the oldest and most trusted brands in the motor industry and is recognized worldwide as the mark of leadership and technological innovation.

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