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An‌ ‌Efficient‌ ‌Solution‌ ‌for‌ ‌Old‌ ‌Gravity‌ ‌Sewer‌ ‌System ‌Technology‌ ‌

Crane Pumps & Systems
Crane An Efficient Solution for Old Gravity Sewer‌ ‌System Technology

An‌ ‌Efficient‌ ‌Solution‌ ‌for‌ ‌Old‌ ‌Gravity‌ ‌Sewer‌ ‌System ‌Technology‌ ‌

The old technology of gravity sewer systems involves extensive digging of wide sloping trenches, which can be quite challenging with uncooperative terrain. A more costly solution, the sewage in these systems have to be periodically raised to keep gravity flowing. Digging through rocky or sandy soil, and traveling over long distances can make this system very expensive and environmentally disruptive. Rather than using gravity, the pressure sewer system uses a submersible grinder pump that cuts sewage particles into a slurry for easier transportation. Overall, this system uses smaller diameter pipes that are less expensive to help mitigate the impact it has on the surrounding terrain. It requires a depth just below the frost line, and moves directionally to avoid obstructions.

Pressure Sewer Systems are the answer!

Reduce Installation Costs

With a new construction, developers must install water, sewer and utilities well in advance. This is a large capital expense with a long payback cycle. It squeezes cash flow with a slow buildout rate. Where time is money, having a pressure sewer system gives you a financial boost. Pressure sewer system’s lower up-front cost represents a true cost savings. The deferred installation closer to closing and the overall cost of the grinder pump station reduces cash outlay. Time between initial expenses and ultimate profit from the sale of the house is greatly reduced. Not only does the pressure sewer system cost less to install, but the cost savings proportionally grows as the number and size of lots increase. Since it is built for durability, the system will efficiently run for years with little maintenance.

Increase Flexibility

The homeowners of today want a variety of options when it comes to their place of residence. Having the flexibility to build lakeside cottages, homes nestled into hillsides, and secluded getaways, it’s imperative to the residential and real estate markets. Gravity sewer systems can’t provide this flexibility. Pressure Sewer Systems are capable of traveling long distances at the fraction of the cost of a gravity system, hug the terrain, and move up, down, and sideways. It is the perfect solution for all of the unique site challenges that builders face.

Higher Cost-Savings & Environmental Protection

Being open systems, gravity sewers take on an excess inflow of water after heavy storms. The increase in water risks spillage that can contaminate the environment, and overwork treatment plants. Pressurized systems are sealed so they prevent infiltration and excess plant inflow. Treatment plants don’t have to deal with increased water therefore they can be built smaller for less cost. Septic systems are another potential hazard to the environment. Especially as they age, these systems leak and contaminate ground water, streams and lakes. According to the EPA, around 10% of the current septic systems fail each year. The US Public Health Service estimates that over 50% of available land in the US is unsuitable for septic tanks, a pressure sewer system is a safe, reliable and cost-effective alternative.

Pressure Sewer Systems Designed by Barnes

The Barnes Pressure Sewer System is a cost-effective and flexible solution. As a value-added service, Crane Pumps & Systems designs pressure sewer systems by employing KYPipe hydraulic modeling tools. These powerful tools accelerate the design of your project’s sewer system and data generated in the verification process helps minimize infrastructure costs. Barnes Pressure Sewer Specialists will provide design advice on sewage projects helping to minimize up front infrastructure cost by as much as 60%. E-mail topographical CAD plans to receive detailed piping designs and a comprehensive presentation outlining the positive impact of pressure sewer technologies free of charge. The Barnes plumbing products include sump, fountain, effluent, sewage, grinder and package systems. So, whether you’re dewatering basements, installing lift stations for lower-level bathrooms, upgrading septic systems, or completely outfitting a home with a pressure sewer system, we provide a level of value and superior, long-lasting performance.

Read more about the advantages of pressure sewer systems!

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