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An Auto Manufacturer Has Problems With Their Check Valves

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Contributor: Altra Industrial Motion

A large auto manufacturer was experiencing problems with the check valves on an electric motor driven packaged water pump arrangement at one of its Midwestern assembly plants. When the valves did not work properly, water backflow would drive the pumps impeller and motor in the wrong direction, causing powertrain damage when the pumps were re-started.

The facility manager wanted an alternative mechanical device that would prevent the pump from running backwards.

After a comprehensive review of the customer application, Formsprag Clutch engineered and manufactured a custom ball bearing supported Model SB-600 backstopping clutch. The SB 600 is designed specifically to prevent potentially damaging backflow on pump applications when the pump is shut down.

The custom clutch supplied was retrofitted onto the existing motor shaft without requiring any special/new drivetrain components. This greatly reduced the cost of on-site modifications. The oil-lubricated SB-600 model features a compact length with a 1,600 lb.ft. (2176 Nm) torque capacity.

Model SB Backstopping Clutch Highlights

  • 1600 lb.ft. (2176 Nm) torque capacity
    •   Oil-lubricated
    •   Requires no adjustments or controls


Model HSB Backstopping Clutch


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