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Altra Brands Single-Source Convenience on Display at MINExpo 2021

Altra Industrial Motion
Altra Minexpo 2021

Altra Brands Single-Source Convenience on Display at MINExpo 2021

The well-recognized global brands of Altra Industrial Motion offer a full range of reliable power transmission components to meet the most demanding challenges of mine and quarry applications.

Altra heavy-duty clutches & brakes, engineered couplings, holdbacks & backstopping clutches, heavy-duty speed reducers, geared motors and belted drives provide exceptional performance on inclined, declined & overland conveyors, ball & sag mills, crushers, sizers, shovels & draglines, and winders & hoists.

While Altra products are utilized on a variety of mine equipment, particular focus will be on mine conveyor applications in the Altra Booth #3219 at MINExpo 2021.

Altra brands continue to keep inclined, declined and overland mine and quarry conveyors running smoothly and safely around the world. These capabilities will be highlighted with actual products installed on two full-size conveyor pulley drives in our booth. Specific components on the drive displays will include a Stromag TDXB thruster brake and disc, a Svendborg Brakes BSFI 3000 caliper brake, HPU, SOBO controller and disc, a Stieber RDBK high-speed releasable backstop, a Marland BCMA low-speed backstop and Ameridrives gear coupling and hubs.

Other products showcased at the booth, include the Stromag SAB drum brake, Twiflex VMS-DP and GMR caliper brakes and a Turning, Locking and Braking (TLB) system.

Altra Minexpo 2021 (2)

IIoT Solutions from Altra Brands Combine to Optimize Mine Uptime

Now, Altra Industry 4.0 technologies empower mine operators to significantly improve productivity like never before. Users can benefit from these advanced data-driven technologies for real-time remote access and condition monitoring to optimize equipment reliability and service life while reducing the cost and time associated with maintenance.

Svendborg Brakes recently launched a multi-purpose IIoT gateway designed to monitor environments, processes, or position(s) and connections to external sensors. The unit can transfer any data from various sources and interfaces through the fastest growing LPWAN Narrowband IIoT, GPRS, Wi-Fi or Ethernet. Key information on braking operations and component status is collected, including system pressure, current state of the brake and its piston, brake fluid level and temperature.

Altra Minexpo 2021

Svendborg Brakes also introduced a Universal Control Case (UCCase). The portable case is used as a tool for remote support and data visualization during commissioning or service of brake systems, including all HPUs (2-stage, On/Off) and all SOBO® (soft braking) systems. Visualization, coupled with analytical models, facilitate the diagnosis of the brake system behavior and can foresee and advise action to prevent malfunction.

Altra Smart Marland Monitoring System

Marland Clutch offers the Smart Marland Monitoring System for use with its popular CECON and BCMA clutches. The sytem provides up-to-the-minute remote access to critical operating conditions including vibration, temperature and oil level.

Altra Stromag’s SIMAN Intelligent Safety Management System

Stromag’s SIMAN Intelligent Safety Management System is designed to monitor all operation parameters of braking system HPUs that control the emergency brakes. The advanced system pilots the opening and closing of the brakes and indicates and records any operation faults or inconsistencies. It can be utilized with all types of HPUs, whatever their functionality.

Ultimately, mine operators can shift from preventative to predictive maintenance. This transition heavily reduces the time and cost associated with on-site inspections and maintenance activities at mines which are often located in isolated, outlying locations. Also, the service lives and uptime of components are maximized while reducing the likelihood of unexpected failures.

All these advanced technologies will also be featured in the Altra Booth at MINExpo.

Altra Industrial Motion utilizes advanced technologies and materials together with extensive application expertise and world-class engineering capability to provide robust, efficient, cost-effective solutions to our mine and quarry customers.

By combining high-quality, robust components, advanced controllers and IIoT-driven condition monitoring systems, Altra brands allow mine customers to constantly benefit from optimum performance and productivity. In addition, local Altra brand service and maintenance teams provide customer support in the design and implementation of custom maintenance regimes as well as servicing and repairing equipment in a timely and cost-effective manner.

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