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ABB provides motor solutions to meet water and wastewater demands

ABB provides motor solutions to meet water and wastewater demands

ABB provides motor solutions to meet water and wastewater demands


ABB showcases sustainable motor solutions at WEFTEC

ABB, a global leader in innovative electric motor manufacturing, sets the standard in the water management and wastewater treatment industries. During the recent WEFTEC exhibition, the largest conference offering water quality professionals worldwide with education and training, ABB showcased its high-performance motor solutions leading the industry in reliability and energy efficiency.

“COVID-19 emphasized the importance of water hygiene, driving increased international awareness and investment in water treatment to meet a greater demand for water and wastewater applications,” said Todd Huston, ABB Global Segment Manager. “ABB rises to that challenge with our extensive motor portfolio engineered for the water and wastewater industry. Our motors are built to endure extended periods of continuous operation, ensuring minimal downtime and dependable performance.”

Many countries implemented emergency measures to combat the spread of the virus which included enhanced water and wastewater sanitation. Additionally, the demand for water and wastewater treatment utilities declined due to lockdowns, restrictions and a reduction in many business operations during COVID-19. Increasing dependable and efficient products became essential for industry leaders to ensure operational uptime. If not, resulting disruptions would have been detrimental to keeping pace with the landscape of the pandemic. With these factors combined, the global water and wastewater market is projected to sustain a compound annual growth rate of 7.5% by 2023 (Fortune Business Insights, 2023.) Reliable water and wastewater processes are essential to meeting the market growth.

ABB provides motor and pump solutions that ensure applications operate efficiently to accommodate the increasing requirements. ABB NEMA motors, including SD200 severe duty motors, are suitable for a wide range of applications, including conveyors and compressors. SD200 motors come in various sizes, ranging from 125 to 800 horsepower, and are encased in a corrosion-resistant cast iron frame to extend operational longevity.

The new AMI 5800 true NEMA modular induction machine offers peak performance with capabilities reaching 1750 horsepower and ensures reliability by reducing vibrations and resonance during operations.

ABB’s Baldor-Reliance pump motors utilize energy-efficient designs with inverter duty pump motors that meet the NEMA Premium® efficiency standards, enabling users to reduce operational costs. These motors can be tailored to meet the specific needs of a wide range of applications, including environments prone to flooding, ensuring smooth operation of critical systems, wet- and dry-pit applications, and applications using variable frequency drives (VFDs) to safeguard motor bearings against electrical harm with AEGIS® bearing protection technology.

Additionally, ABB EC titanium motors combine synchronous reluctance and permanent magnets which allow precise control over applications. When paired with ABB‘s ACH580 drive and advanced motor control algorithms, they enhance efficiency across varying speeds, contributing to a sustainable, wireless solution that boosts profitability.

ABB Baldor-Reliance motors are available in severe-duty XT motors and stainless steel motors. ABB Baldor-Reliance severe-duty XT motors excel in harsh environments that require long-lasting performance, and are built to endure heavy loads with their high torque capabilities while ABB Baldor-Reliance stainless steel motors are ideal for applications that require frequent and rigorous cleanings while preventing corrosion and rust.

Learn more about how ABB motor solutions ensure reliability to meet the increasing demands of the water and wastewater industry at

ABB is a technology leader in electrification and automation, enabling a more sustainable and resource-efficient future. The company’s solutions connect engineering know-how and software to optimize how things are manufactured, moved, powered and operated. Building on more than 130 years of excellence, ABB’s 105,000 employees are committed to driving innovations that accelerate industrial transformation.

ABB Motion keeps the world turning – while saving energy every day. We innovate and push the boundaries of technology to enable the low-carbon future for customers, industries and societies. With our digitally enabled drives, motors and services, we can deliver the optimum drive and motor solution for a wide range of applications in all industrial segments. Through our global presence, we are always close to serve our customers. ABB Motion achieved revenues of $6.9 billion and an Operational EBITA margin of 17.1 percent in 2021. The Dodge business that was divested at the end of 2021 contributed with revenues of approximately $540 million and supported the Operational EBITA margin by approximately 50 basis points. The business area has roughly 22,000 employees in seven divisions worldwide.

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