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ABB Motion OneCare: The modular service agreement tailored to your needs


ABB Motion OneCare: The modular service agreement tailored to your needs


ABB Motion OneCare is a customized service agreement to improve your production efficiency and optimize your maintenance operations around your motors, generators, and drives. One tailor-made agreement can flexibly cover a single service, a bundle of desired services, or a transfer of the entire maintenance responsibility to ABB’s service experts. Keeping you in total control.

ABB Motion OneCare The modular service agreement tailored to your needsABB Motion OneCare

An ABB Motion OneCare agreement is tailored specifically to your business needs and budget. ABB partners with you to help you plan, coordinate and execute your equipment maintenance according to its criticality in your facility. They analyze your equipment’s condition and recommend services that optimize your application’s uptime, all bundled into a single agreement for easy management.

An ABB Motion OneCare agreement can cover a single service, life-cycle support of a motor, generator, drive or digital services. Alternatively, the entire maintenance can be handled by ABB’s experts.

Overview of available services

ABB provides a comprehensive portfolio of conventional and data-driven services to ensure maximum performance of your installed motors, generators and drives. The following is a sample of services that can be combined within an ABB Motion OneCare agreement:

  • Technical support
  • On-site maintenance
  • Spares and consumables
  • Repairs, upgrades and retrofits
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Life-cycle assessments
  • ABB AbilityTM digital services

ABB Motion OneCare The modular service agreement tailored to your needsABB Motion OneCare agreement process

  • ABB meets with you to understand your needs Each customer has different maintenance requirements. Do you need rapid site response and troubleshooting to maximize equipment uptime, on-site maintenance services optimized to site conditions or cloud-connected condition monitoring? They provide personnel training and support throughout the life cycle of your motors, generators and drives to keep them running at peak performance.
  • ABB assesses the condition of your equipment An on-site assessment identifies the condition and criticality of the motors, generators and drives in your facility. The assessment provides a benchmark for the provision of services.
  • Together, ABB determines the service agreement that best fits your needs Based on your service requirements and the condition of your motors, generators and drives we will tailor a service agreement that fits your needs and budget.
  • Fulfillment of agreement Together ABB coordinates the planned maintenance interventions. We give feedback of all activities carried out and provide an outlook for the delivery of short and mid-term services.
  • Follow-up and feedback ABB keeps a watchful eye on the performance of your equipment and offer a regular review to ensure your maintenance requirements are aligned with your production demands.

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