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Future Leaders: ABB Supervisor Journey

Tomorrow’s Talent Journey to ABB Supervisor

Future Leaders: ABB Supervisor Journey


Learning to Lead

Jared Gilbert’s day started with leading the second shift huddle meeting, where he invited operators to come closer, read the mission statement and hear scrap reports and production updates. Noticeably junior to many in the huddle, he commanded attention and respect. Just two years out of high school, Jared has spent those years at ABB’s Ozark, Arkansas, facility where he was in training to become a supervisor.

How it Started

Teachers at Jared’s high school said ABB was looking for seasonal workers. So, during his senior year Christmas break, he was onboarded as a temporary employee. “I turned 18 during those two weeks and convinced management to hire me on.”

How it’s Going

For a decade, plant management has used a supervisor trainee program to support and grow employees who show promise as a leader. After moving around the plant learning different roles, Jared applied to the supervisor trainee position and was accepted based on his performance and interview.

What’s Next

Right now, he’s working on an associate degree in Automation Technology at the Ozark campus of Arkansas Tech University. But he doesn’t plan to stop there – once he graduates, he plans on continuing his education and ABB’s support plays a large part in his future.

“Some jobs will say they will work with you when you are going to school, but here [at ABB] it’s not just something they say, it’s something they do,” said Jared.

Employer of Choice

Jared wants to build a solid career and ABB’s tuition benefits and global footprint will allow him to continue his education and grow in his career. Describing his future, Jared said, “I don’t want to jump to conclusions, but there are so many opportunities this place has to offer.” He knows the company is investing in him by training him as a supervisor and when he goes back to school, he knows he’ll be supported both financially and emotionally. ABB offers an Educational Assistance program through EdAssist. Employees will receive reduced tuition and fees and can apply for financial reimbursement under an approved career-related degree or certificate program. You can explore the program here or reach out to your human resources business partner (HRBP) for more information.

ABB’s Future

Managers manage tasks, but leaders manage vision. Today’s ABB leaders connect with schools and colleges to identify tomorrow’s manufacturing talent, the future of our workforce who will lead with passion, heart and a mission to make sure we are the best in the industry, as determined by our customers.

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