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    Among DESMI’s innovative approaches is ‘Pumps-for-free’: a cash flow-neutral investment concept for energy-saving solutions. It’s a unique financing package, enabling ship-owners to energy-optimize their vessels while repaying the investment through savings, typically in 14 to 18 months. The financing schedule is linked to the ROI/payback period, with quarterly payments.

    DESMI offers a wide range of energy-saving products under the Pump-for-free concept, including:

    • Replacement of older low-efficiency pumps with DESMI’s highly energy-efficient pumps
      • Retrofitting of Energy Savings Systems, also known as OptiSaveTM for Sea Water Cooling pumps
      • Retrofitting of Energy Savings Systems for fresh water cooling pumps
      • Retrofitting of Energy Savings Systems for engine room fans
      • Customized solutions

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