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How will regulations affect your business?

Baldor Webinar March 2, 2017

I just read an interesting article in the February edition of NEMA Currents http://blog.nema.org/2017/02/15/regulatory-update-and-2017-outlook
that talked about the DOE’s push to finalize as many regulations as possible before the change in the administration. There has been so many changes in a short period of time, so it is important that pump manufacturers and users educate themselves on how these regulations will affect their business and/or facilities.

At Empowering Brands, we are continually looking to Connect, Inform, and Educate our audience through our relationships and strategic partners. Here is a good example: Next Month Empowering Pumps will host a webinar titled, “Are your pumps ready for the new DOE regulations?” This webinar will include a review of current U.S. Department of Energy regulations for Small and Integral Horsepower Electric Motors.  For decades, the U.S. Department of Energy has issued market-changing industrial electric motor regulations to improve efficiency. The most recent rules, which have gone into effect over the past two years, impact most equipment manufacturers and users. Pump manufacturers, in particular, need to understand the impact motor speeds, operating speeds, inrush currents, motor size and motor configuration have on their pump designs and product development.

One of the presenters, Peter Gaydon, Director of Technical Affairs with the Hydraulic Institute, will discuss the new rules for clean water pumps, their effective date, the intended energy savings goals, and other considerations which will directly affect the sale and marketing of clean water pumps. Peter Gaydon has held design, development and test engineering positions with major pump manufactures prior to joining the Hydraulic Institute in 2014.  He has technical responsibility for all standards, guidebooks and program guides published by the Hydraulic Institute. Peter manages government affairs committees responsible for reviewing regulations related to pumps and was a member of the Appliance Standards Federal Rulemaking Advisory Committee (ASRAC) working group for circulators pumps. He will be joined by George Weihrauch and John Malinowski.

Geroge Weihrauch is a Product Manager at Baldor Electric Company, A Member of the ABB Group. He holds a B.S. in mechanical engineering from Rutgers College of Engineering, and an MBA from Webster University. George has an extensive NEMA motor background in sales, applications and project management during his 26 years with Baldor. He is a member of IEEE, actively involved in the IEEE Standards Working Group for IEEE 841. An active contributor to Baldor, George has published several articles related to electric motor applications and energy efficiency, and is a regular presenter in webinars, conferences and training seminars.

John Malinowski is currently Chairman of NEMA 1MG Motor & Generator Section and familiar with collaborating with CEMEP and ABB IEC colleagues on global motor standards. Mr. Malinowski is a Senior Member of IEEE and is a Member at Large on the IEEE Industry Application Society Executive Board. He serves on the IEEE Pulp & Paper Industry Committee, and is also active with IEEE Petroleum and Chemical Industry Committee having recently rotated out of the Chair of the Chemical Subcommittee. He has served on several IEEE Standards Working Groups including several revisions of IEEE 841 and IEEE 303. He also served on API 541 and API 547 working groups. Mr. Malinowski has published several IEEE papers on efficiency standards, motor and drive efficiency, maintenance and applications. He acts as company advocate with government agencies, professional associations, and industry standards committees.

This webinar includes a Question & Answer session giving you the opportunity to converse with these highly knowledgeable industry professionals from Baldor Electric Company and the Hydraulic Institute. Ask specific questions as they pertain to your business and get the answers you need.

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