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3 Things you Can Do on World Water Day!

World Water Day

Author: Cieana Detloff

Water is vital to life! Today is #WorldWaterDay, and we wanted to make sure YOU know that there are things you can DO to help! Some people can spend time, others can spend money, but the important thing is to *educate* yourself on the issues around the global water crisis. Accessibility to clean water is an issue everywhere! So take a few minutes and check out these 3 things you can do today!

1.Read this Blog! In his blog post,┬áJustin Knabb, Water for Waslala, talks about the world water crisis, the relationship between sanitation and water, and shares several great links to infographics, documentaries that you can watch, and technologies that exist to improve public health, such as the Lifestraw, SteriPEN, Midomo, Lifesaver Bottle, and Lifesaver Jerrycan. He also shares links to steps for saving water in your own home – which is something we can DO without too much effort!

2. Learn about the LifePump! Pumps are vital to life. They transport clean water and send waste water away! We could not enjoy quality of life without pumps! Read the amazing story of the LifePump, a hand-powered water pump created by Design Outreach to access water from the deepest wells.

3. Donate to a Non-Profit that makes clean water accessible! In this post from Elizabeth Chung, she shares five non-profits that are ‘moving the needle’ on these water issues. Learn about them and get involved if you’re able! Whether it’s 5 minutes or $5 dollars, every effort counts!


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Posted by Charli K. Matthews on Thursday, March 22, 2018



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